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Katyafern - Creator Interview

In the world of cosplay, we find ourselves inspired by those who bring our favorite characters to life. Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Katyafern, a cosplayer whose talent blew us away. With an impressive list of cosplays that spans across universes, from the treacherous jungles of Tomb Raider to the shadowy world of Assassin’s Creed, Katyafern has carved her own niche in the cosplay community.

But it doesn’t stop there. Her transformative abilities extend to the anime realm, where she wields her katana as the fierce Esdeath from Akame ga Kill! and wields the iconic armor of the indestructible Wonder Woman. Each stitch, each prop, and every meticulously crafted detail speaks volumes about her dedication and passion. Katyafern honestly has so many amazing cosplays from so many ip's it was incredibly difficult to select the ones to showcase here, so after this article, make sure to check out their library of cosplays on Instagram.

Enjoy our feature of the process, journey, and cosplays of Katyafern—the artist behind the costumes, and the embodiment of beloved characters.

(Katyafern - Misc. Cosplays) Photographers: @satindress.cosplayphotography, @justinelouisephotography @egetzcn


Game Infinite: Tell us about your journey into cosplay. What got you into it, and what do you enjoy about it? Do you have a favorite cosplay that you have done so far? 

Katyafern: This year marks my 10yr cosplay anniversary as I started in 2014 with my first ever cosplay Daenerys from Game of Thrones, and fell in love with the amazing community and share my nerdy passion with everyone else. My Wonder Woman will always have a special place in my heart but my most proud would be my Harley Quinn play arts Kai build. It was a two week crunch of blood sweat and tears but I DID IT!

GI: What are some challenges you have faced, or interesting lessons you have learned in cosplay that you would pass along to other cosplayers? 

Katyafern: You will fail. Failure is a part of trail and error, it may not turn out perfectly first try but it’s about how you keep learning and growing and never let the frustration get you down remember you’re doing this for fun!

Tomb Raider - Lara Croft

GI: For our Tomb Raider Infinite community, tell us more about your fantastic Lara Croft cosplays! What do you love about the character? What is your favorite thing about Tomb Raider in general?

Katyafern: Lara is definitely a comfort character for me, having similarities like British and being an only child also my love for adventure resonates strongly with her character. It’s my favourite game franchise and I love how strong and badass this woman can be also major fitness goals! Definitely one of the biggest female role models out there. Also I love doing the dirty make up look, never felt more badass

Assassin's Creed - Evie Frye

Photgraphers/Editors Credits: @gyarmati_sandor, @jamie_flack

GI: We are huge Assassin’s Creed fans here at Game Infinite. Evie is a personal favorite, and a character that doesn’t get enough cosplay. What inspired you to cosplay her? What do you love about Assassin’s Creed in general? 

Katyafern: Apart from Tomb Raider being my favorite game Assassin’s Creed is way up there for me. When Syndicate came out and it was set in London I couldn’t wait to climb Big Ben. I fell in love with Evie (who wouldn’t) her relationship with her brother Jacob and her stealthiness. AC has some of the best character designs. I’m obsessed with their hooded jackets, and Evie’s was my favorite. I loved everything about her. 

It has lead me to work with the game release and hang out with the voice actors!

Esdeath from Akame ga Kill!

Photography Credits: @86thfloormusic, @ek.captures

GI: Do you have an upcoming project you would like to tease for our readers? 

Katyafern: Well you never know what I will make next; I never tell my secrets…(because I actually have no idea!) 

There will be more League of Legends cosplays in the future that’s for sure! And I’ve got some VERY exciting dream photoshoots coming up I cannot wait to share!


Thank you for joining us for another Creator Interview! Make sure to support these amazing artists. If you are (or know of) a creator you would like to see us create an article on, let us know!


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