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THEVHENIX - Creator Interview

Join us on our interview with the ultra talented THEVHENIX. We have featured them many times in various Creator Round Ups and other Game Infinite Events; so we were super excited to be able to finally do this one on one with this incredible cosplayer. i

With a passion for bringing beloved characters to life, TheVhenix has captured the hearts of hers and ours followers with her absolutely stunning portrayals from a diverse array of universes. From the iconic Psylocke of X-Men to the fantastical realms of Final Fantasy, Yor from SpyXFamily, the haunting apocalyptic landscapes of Resident Evil to the mystical world of The Witcher, Thevhenix embodies each character with unparalleled precision and dedication.

Each cosplay is meticulously crafted, from intricate costumes to flawless makeup and attention to even the smallest details, transporting viewers directly into the worlds of their favorite stories.

As a beacon of creativity and talent in the cosplay community, Thevhenix continues to inspire and captivate audiences, demonstrating that the art of cosplay is not merely about dressing up, but about embodying the essence of beloved characters and sharing that magic with the world. Join us and see their process, journey, and cosplays.

Final Fantasy Cosplays

Love Final Fantasy? See @thevhenix frequently on our Gi Channel @finalfantasyinfinite / Photography: heimeiphotos brilanimagery


Gi: What initially inspired you to start cosplaying, and how long have you been involved in cosplay? 

Thevhenix: I started cosplaying around 2008 when one of my closest friends and co-worker at at the time, introduced me to the con scene in our local area and the process of creating and wearing cosplay for conventions. The rest, as they say, was history! Cosplay has been a wonderful journey for me and it’s been so rewarding to witness the growth and change around the cosplay/convention industry first hand. Around the time I started, most conventions were small and cosplay was a unknown niche, you’d see the same small group of people dressing up at the same events so you’d get to know and make friends with those people pretty quickly. Facebook was the main social media platform at that time and most cosplayers weren’t nearly as connected as they now. Costumes, wigs, and crafting supplies were very hard to find and very few online cospaly stores existed! 

Gi: How do you choose which characters to cosplay, and what draws you to a particular character? Do you have a cosplay on your wishlist you want to do? 

Thevhenix: Usually after playing a game, watching anime, or seeing a show/movie, I'll almost immediately be drawn to a particular character or find them so compelling that I'm immediately planning a cosplay! I don’t have any particular process for choosing who I cosplay, although I do notice I have a knack for personally nostalgic series and villains. A universal trait in all my cosplays choices is love for that fandom and really enjoying a particular character.

Resident Evil Cosplays

Photography: androthekim0131

Gi: Could you share a bit about the process of creating or assembling your cosplays? What's your favorite part of the cosplay-making process?

Thevhenix: I used to be much more involved in costume construction when I first started cosplaying over a decade ago. My process for cosplay assembly mostly remains the same though. I start by researching concept art or photos of the character which leads into either making, buying, or modifying the costume itself, followed by wig selecting and/or wig styling, then lastly shoe choice and make-up palette selection. The amount of shoes I’ve accumulated and have only worn briefly thanks to cosplay is pretty crazy! I’ve also collected tons of wigs over the years which isn't as bad as the shoe situation since there are lots of wig colors and styles that overlap when cosplaying lol. The processes I most enjoy are wig styling and make-up while my least favorite is  definitely sewing! Lol Since starting my cosplay journey forever ago, I’ve learned that modifying, buying, and sometimes even commissioning cosplays are just as valuable as challenging yourself to craft something new. Cosplay is for EVERYONE and there’s no right or wrong way to the creation process. 

Misc. Cosplays

(Thevhenix has such a wide range of amazing cosplays from all over the gaming and anime fandoms. We personally love their takes on Marin, Jennifer, Pyslocke, Yor, and more!) Photography: shotwhore androthekim0131,, operationshutter

Gi: How do you prepare for a convention or event where you'll be showcasing your cosplay? Any tips or rituals you follow?

Thevhenix: Cons for me are one of the highlights that come with cosplay. Conventions give cosplayers the opportunity to foster community, network, and share in the fandoms we all love. Cons need cosplayers just as much as cosplayers need cons, but that’s a story for another day!

When preparing for a con or event I personally like to plan  my cosplays to match the general theme of the event (i.e anime cosplays for an anime con, comic book cosplay for comic conventions, etc). I try to look ahead at con programming or announcements if possible, for any panels, special guests, exclusive merch, or activities that I really want to see or do. I enjoy spending a large portion of my time seeing friends and making new ones as well as scheduling photo ops, and sharing in creative moments or content. It’s really impossible to do it all at cons though, and there never seems to be quite enough time! Lol 

My con tips: Remember to hydrate, stay safe and help keep each other safe, and please remember to eat some food while at a con.

Gi: What's been your most memorable and favorite cosplay that you’ve done?

Thevhenix: I've been so lucky to be able to do so many cosplays that mean a lot to me, but I’d have to say my Morrigan cosplay from Darkstalkers is one of my favorites! She hasn’t been my most technically impressive or difficult construction by any means (there’s no impressive armor parts or phenomenal sewing work), but she means a lot to me personally and I feel it’s one of the characters I do best. I worked hard modifying the bodysuit, finding the right wig, as well as locating the perfect leggings and wing set! 

Selene - Underworld

Photography: davidelaffe

Gi: Tell us and your fans, more about your interests! What are some of your favorite games, anime, or other fandoms? What game are you playing right now? 

Thevhenix: The question is what games and anime don’t I enjoy! I’m an avid gamer/streamer and anime lover. Right now I’m currently playing (and obsessed with) Baldur’s Gate 3, Dead By Daylight, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and Persona 3 Reload. All very special and nostalgic titles for me. (Be sure to join me on my gaming journey as I stream some of fav or new game titles). My favorite anime titles include Cowboy Bebop, Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen, Evangelion, Chainsaw man, Demon Slayer, Death Note, and many more! 

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Thank you for joining us for another Creator Interview! Make sure to support these amazing artists. If you are (or know of) a creator you would like to see us create an article on, let us know!


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