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Teban1983 - Creator Interview

We have ONE LAST Resident Evil 4 Creator to showcase during April's RE4 Creator Theme here on Game Infinite, and that is none other than Teban1983. They have an absolutely incredible Ada Wong fan art that we think will impress even the most die hard of Resident Evil fans. We have featured them many times across Game Infinite and Gi Channels. They have incredible fan art across Final Fantasy, Nier, Tomb Raider, and more! Today we get to sit down with them, and learn about their journey, style, and fan arts in this latest Creator Interview!

We have always enjoyed Teban's take on characters, with their unique style that balances realism and anime in a fun and hybrid way. We think this feature will definitely impress, so make sure to drop Teban a follow to see updates on their future work!

Instagram: Teban1983

(misc. Art: Teban's take on art such as Ahri from LOL, Samus from Metroid, Atomic Heart, Captain Kiara from Tales of Aris and Master Chief from Halo. These characters really stood out to us as amazing pieces and we think you will enjoy them as well. Tales of Arise was such an incredible underrated gem the year it came out it was incredible to actually see some fan art from this game!)

Teban1983 Interview -

Game Infinite: Can you share your background and how it influences your artistic work? What got you into drawing fan arts? How did you develop your style? Do you have any special techniques you would like to share to inspire aspiring artists?

Teban: I’m a graphic designer and Digital artist from Costa Rica. I have been drawing since I remember, my first love in this amazing world of characters and series was Optimus Prime. I'm 41 years old and you can imagine that I saw a lot of the greatest animes, series and video games that we have. Now my favorite characters are Batgirl, Batman, Chun-Li and Juri, and my waifu Motoko Kusanagi.

I think it was so natural for me to start to draw all these characters because I grew up with them.

My "style" was influenced mostly by the great Jim Lee I think when the X men come to life in 1992, was like a blow mind for me and in that moment I became a big fan of Jim. With time I knew another great artist like Adam Hughes and Paul Dini and Bruce W. Timm. And I think my "style" is a mix between less detailed faces with an anatomy more worked. Is it a mix between Jim Lee and Bruce Timm or I like to think that.

My only special technique, if we can say that, is practice...a lot of practice, that and observation. I'm so critic with myself.

Tomb Raider - Lara Croft

Gi: For our Gi Channel community Tomb Raider Infinite, tell us a little bit about your various Lara Croft fanarts? What draws you to Lara Croft as a character, and how do you capture her essence in your fan art? What excites you about her character?

Teban: About Lara I can say that I have played Tomb Raider since the first game came in 1996. And was love at the first sign! For those years we didn't have so many women in video games at least like the main character.

Basically Samus and Chun-Li were the most famous and Lara came to show that you can make another strong woman like a principal character for a new franchise.

That is the point for me, she is strong and fearless. She is brilliant and when you play those games you can feel her strength in every stage. I always try to make Fan art, for any character, thinking in the perspective of each character, the personality of each one.

Street Fighter - Cammi & Chun Li

Gi: Tell us what you love most about Street Fighter? How did Chun Li and Cammi challenge you? What do you like most about their designs?

Teban: Street fighter is my favorite video game franchise.. I have played this game since 1990 when I was a little kid of 7 years old. And I still play those games from Street Fighter 2 to this new Street Fighter 6.

I'm mostly a fan of Chun-Li or that's what I thought since Juri came to the game. That crazy girl is lovely.

Cammy and Chun-Li are too different characters but they share several characteristics, both are strong and very good fighters, but for me Chun-Li is like a Master and Cammy is the apprentice. I play a lot with both and with Juri. 

About her designs I really love Chun-Li's outfits but for me the design for Chun in Street Fighter Alpha is the top of the top.

Nier Automata - 2b

Gi: For our GI Channel community, Nier Infinite, tell us a little bit about your amazing 2b pieces? How do you convey 2B’s complexity and enigmatic persona in your fan art? What draws artists to her?

Teban: Nier is an amazing game, so refreshing for this era. 2B is, for me, the most melancholic character on video games. And I thinks that's the principal characteristic of her that like artist whan to share.

Is really iconic that you can't see her eyes and that's a great challenge when you whan to share something wit your draws. Obviously she is gorgeous and anyone would want to draw a lady like her.

Resident Evil - Ada Wong & Lady D

Gi: It is Resident Evil 4 month on Game Infinite for April. We love your Ada Wong fan art! What is special about this character? What did it take to bring her to life in your art? 

Teban: Ada is the perfect "Femme Nikita". She is smooth and lethal. Right now is the reason why I still play Resident Evil. And for those reasons I love to draw her, always like a woman in control of any situation. She is a mystery and I love that about her.

Overwatch - D.Va, Kiriko, & Widowmaker

(Overwatch has been a long time passion for us at Game Infinite, and it is always incredible to see Overwatch fan art. Teban was actually one of the first pieces of fan art we saw of Kiriko when she came out, and I think they did an incredible job.

Gi: Overwatch features so many amazing and diverse characters. How do you approach illustrating D.Va, Kiriko, and Widowmaker? What drew you to these characters specifically? Are their other Overwatch characters you would like to draw? 

Teban: I played Overwatch a Lot. This days I play less than maybe a year ago. But my love for some of the characters in the roaster didn't die. My 4 favorites are Widowmaker, D'va, Ashe and Kiriko but D.Va is like my waifu. I'm working on a Dva's illustration right now. She is a Mix between a pilot from Evangelion and some sailor moon character and that's lovely. I played a lot with her, she's my main on the game. The character design for Overwatch is the principal reason for playing that game.

Final Fantasy - Tifa Lockhart

Gi: For our Gi Channel, Final Fantasy Infinite, community, tell us a little bit about bringing Tifa to life? Tifa is overwhelmingly beloved by Final Fantasy fans. How do you depict her in your artwork?

Teban: Tifa is lovely, my first memory of her came for Final Fantasy VII: advent children, because I wasn't a big fan of the games really, but when I saw the fight in the church, she stole my heart.

Now I have a time without draw her, maybe because all want to draw her right now.

DC - Wonder Woman

(Teban's take on Wonder Woman is just an incredible piece of a character I really enjoy. Their WW piece just really stood out and was a must feature for us!)

Gi: We absolutely love the strength, pose, and power in your Wonder Woman piece. Tell us a little bit about bringing her to your art. 

Teban: Diana is the most Iconic female character in comics no matter if you are a fan of Marvel or DC. She is strong and beauty but for me her most important characteristic is her heart. I think this is her most powerful aspect. In the Justice League series by Bruce Timm,  she was awesome, the love story with Bruce was my favorite in the seires. Is maybe the most complicated character in terms of anatomy. But to be honest my favorite female character from DC is Batgirl.

Marvel - Captain Marvel, Jean Grey, Spider-Gwen, Invisible Woman

(Marvel Fanarts)

Gi: Lastly, please share how best readers can support your art! Do you offer commissions, patreon, custom store? We hope to be able to boost your art!

Teban: I make all my illustrations like a tribute to each character. I respect all of them.

If you want to support my art, follow me in my profiles, share your comments and likes if you want.

You can see my jobs in my Instagram, Facebook page or my Artstation profile. I do commissions, if you want some just send me a message to my profiles and we can make a deal for each commission.

I post almost all my jobs on my profiles. You can share it or give me a like if you want.



Thank you for stopping by our latest Creator Interview! If you are (or know of) a cosplayer, fan artist, indie dev, or streamer that would like to interview with us, let us know! Make sure to support the amazing creators in this series with likes and follows! Come back next time for more Game Infinite content!


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