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AIKODE Demo Impressions

We have been following the development of AIKODE for years now, and to say that it is one of the most anticipated indie games in our community, is an understatement. AIKODE was a part of our Indie Trailer Project, showcasing indie games on our Youtube, and our viewers voted with their views on every trailer and our developer interview.

AIKODE is a hyper realistic, 3rd Person, Scifi Fantasy Action game with a very mysterious story. The characters models and cinematic looks straight out of something from a AAA game. We have a lot of Nier and Final Fantasy fans in our community, thanks to our Gi Channels, and I definitely say that this game will appeal to them.

As a huge Nier, Final Fantasy, and weird Sci-fi Fan, AIKODE has been on my radar for so long that it is crazy that it is just one step closer. Check out my commentary and impressions of my first hands on for this pre-release demo.

(After years of waiting, we finally got our hands on 18 minutes of pre-release alpha demo gameplay. I must say that it was worth every minute of waiting, and if this game isn't on your radar it needs to be.)


Developer Interview - Infinite Summer 22

Two years ago, we got to sit down with ACE the developer of AIKODE and learn all we could about this amazing game. It is crazy that this was already 2 years ago, and we are that much closer to the final game.

AIKODE - Latest Trailer - Infinite Summer 23

Each Trailer keeps getting more and more popular as anticipation builds for this game. With over 27,000 views on our little channel, it is clear fans can't wait to play this game.


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