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Creator Round Up - HALO

We are kicking off a new strategy in 2024 with a goal of monthly creator features, mirroring in a small way our Best of Events. Each month we will pick a character or franchise to be the theme of Creator Round Up and a Creator Poll Series. For March, we are celebrating Halo. I recently have given Paramount's Halo tv show a second try, and it's not as bad as I first felt. I have been a diehard Halo fan since Halo CE on the OG Xbox, crediting Halo heavily for my love of gaming and Xbox.

We have amazing cosplay and fan art this month, as well as winners of those picked by viewer voting for Best Masterchief Cosplay and Best Cortana Fan Art! Additionally we have other cosplays and fan arts from the Halo universe featured here, outside the two categories we selected for creator polls. This is easily one of the biggest Creator Round Ups we have ever done!

Make sure to show some love for these amazing creators by dropping some follows and likes on social media! Come back next month for a new theme for Creator Round Up and Creator Polls.

@nico_artoooo  - Fan Artist

NIck is a frequent flyer here in Creator Round Up and on our Game Infinite events. Fans of Game Infinite who have been following us for a while, probably have seen his incredible art pieces. That wasn't going to stop us from bringing their incredible Cortana fan art to this Round Up. Nick always drops amazing art, and we are happy to kick off this celebration of Halo with their iteration of everyone's favorite blue AI.

@fueledbyfilament - Cosplayer

Photography Credits: taylorpettitt,

What immediately stood out to us about Fueledbyfilament is their take on Master Chief that focuses on the beautiful and clever use of lighting to simulate Chief's shielding and armor locking. Their cosplay looks like a moment from the game when the shield is rebooting or being boosted. It is just an incredible effect pulled off in cosplay form that offers a unique experience.

@waltimusprime - Cosplayer - WINNER BEST MASTER CHIEFF COSPLAY (Community Voted)

Photography Credits: downenphotography

If Waltimusprime's shot was released as a live action still from a Halo TV show, I would not have been disappointed. The detail and production quality of this armor is just incredible. This is one of those times where cosplay just IS the character.

@the_makyr - Cosplayer

The second image of the_makyr is INTENSE. This looks like Chief just is standing back up after being royally PISSED OFF. This looks moments before you made him angry and he about to go full throttle on a swarm of Covenant.

@jslund1 - Cosplayer

Photography Credits: tripleclickphoto

Between the colors, the lighting, the hanging grenades, the pose, everything about the cosplay from jslund1 just blows me away, and I instantly knew we had to ask them about joining this round up.

@cjscraft5 - Cosplayer

Photography Credits: iphotouk, notaphotographer1992

cjscraft5 - I love the poster worthy shot from photographer iphotouk. This looks and feels like a movie/game poster, and it just captures the essence of CHIEF.

ICYMI: 5 Games that need to be made like Helldivers 2

Check out our 5 Games Series! We make the case that Halo, or more specifically ODST is a super obvious candidate for a game that is a Helldivers 2-like. The formate of the massive multi planet war with troopers dropping in would make for one HELL of a Halo game (pun intended). We also pitch 4 other unique game ideas that we would love to see made in this format. What do you think? Should "Halo ODST 2" be made? Tell in the comments of your favorite social media.

@sinisterpropz - Cosplayer

Spartan Laser.


Go support sinisterpropz because...SPARTAN LASER.

@imdrunkontea - Fan Artist

I really like imdrunkontea's portrayal of Cortana. They capture the look and feel of the ai with her more armored look. We like their art style; and when searching for Cortana's to include in this month's massive Creator Round Up, we knew they had to be included.

Check out Game Infinite Original Screenshots across Halo MCC and Infinite

Virtual Photography: Game Infinite Originals

For HALO month on Game Infinite, we thought our Halo fan readers would enjoy a small collection of our shots from Halo MCC and Infinite. Keep scrolling to see even more amazing creators...

@soyroseart - Fan Artist - WINNER BEST CORTANA FAN ART (Community Voted)

Soyroseart delivers an impressive Cortana that captures the spirit of the character, with a breezy, almost windy vibe that enhances the holographic, non-corporeal ghostlike aspect to the character.

@t_art9 - Fan Artist

Few artists capture the very holographic aesthetics of Halo 4 as well as t_art9. In my opinion, Halo 4 has the peak depiction of Cortana, and their art captures the look and feel of that game very well. We very much enjoyed this piece, and had to include them.

@entransing_ - Fan Artist

Entrancing is an artist we have been following for years. We discovered them first, if I recall, for their Apex Legends art, and have since discovered their many amazing pieces. While it is easy to find Cortana or Chief art, what really makes Entrancing stand out is their amazingly detailed pieces on the Scorpion Tank, the Halo ships, and their take on other Spartans. It is their love of Halo that really shines forth in their take on the lesser tackled aspects of this universe. If you don't want a massive print of that tank framed on your wall, then are you even a Halo fan?

Gi Plays - Halo 4 Opening

To celebrate HALO month on Game Infinite, we thought we would replay and revisit one of our favorite Halo experiences in Halo 4 over on Gi Plays. If you are unfamiliar with Gi Plays, it is our long form gameplay series over on Youtube Channel. Seeing the new and improved Cortana for the first time, Chief in his new suit; it was all a surreal experience back in the day that pushed Halo forward.

@calvertcosplay - Cosplayer

Ok not a Spartan laser fan? Fine. What about this trauma inducing reminder of all those times this SOB was lobbing grenades on your childhood on Legendary? That's right...go support calvertcosplay

@jannetincosplay - Cosplayer

Jannetincosplay has one of the most incredible Cortana cosplays we've ever seen, as they perfectly manage to accurately capture the holographic appearance, hiding use of a body suit or paint. If someone said this was a screen grab from a live action show, we would believe them. In fact, it is crazy that her cosplay looks more realistic and higher production than the "actual" live action Cortana from the TV show. It is clear, Paramount needs to be talking to the cosplay community for their show. Capturing a live actress and convincingly making them look like a transparent hologram, is evidently difficult for even Hollywood to do, and Jannet pulls it off 100%.

@vicbazaine - Fan Artist

When I first saw Vicbazaine's just absolutely incredible Master Chief fan art; I knew that we had to include it here. This piece is just striking in its use of bright colors and light. You feel the energy of Chief's Sword coming off this piece. I don't know about the rest of you, but I want this one on my nerd art wall!

@azulg_arts - Fan Artist

azulg_arts - I don't see a lot of Covernant art. Most the fandom focuses on Chief or Cortana, or at the very least Spartans. Seeing these pieces blew me away, and I instantly knew we needed to include azulg in this feature.

@pixiequinncosplay - Cosplayer

Photography Credits: cosplaycorral

Pixiequinncosplay is an amazing cosplayer who brings to life many amazing characters, but when we came across their cosplay take on Cortana, we were very excited and knew they had to be a must have for this Creator Round Up. Cortana is a deceptively difficult character to cosplay and feel real, but Pixie brings the holographic blue to life in a way that is not immediately apparent paint or suit.

Logancure - Fan Artist

Logancure focuses on hyper realistic portrayals of characters, that are just jaw dropping. Had this been released as official promotional art for a game, it would easily be believable, as Logancure so accurately recreate the detail and realism that we saw in the Halo 4 style Cortana. We weren't sure we were going to get Logan's inclusion in time for this article, and we are so happy we did manage to secure their amazing work!

@Maximum_cosplays_uk - Cosplayer

Photography Credits: lc2350photograph,

Gritty dark pics, Rocket Launchers, what more do you need? Maximum_cosplays_uk just has so many amazing amazing shots of their Chief cosplay, and they are great creator to end this article on. Check them out.

ICYMI: 5 Games that need to be made in Halo

In an older installment of 5 Games, we tackled Halo head-on by pitching 5 of our own original Halo ideas that we would love to see made in the Halo universe.

Thank you for stopping by our Creator Round Up! Make sure to drop some follows for any creators here you enjoyed! If you would like to see us feature a particular creator or a particular theme you would like to see, let us know in the comments on this social post, or send us a DM!


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