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LeahLux - Creator Interview

Today, we have the pleasure of sitting down with the talented cosplayer LeahLux. Known for her exquisite craftsmanship and dedication to the art of cosplay, LeahLux has captured the hearts of fans across various fandoms. Let’s dive into her world of creativity and transformation.

Cosplaying Iconic Characters

LeahLux’s portfolio is a treasure trove of iconic characters brought to life. From the mystical realms of Final Fantasy 7to the dark world of Darkstalkers, she steps into the shoes of beloved figures. Beyond the spotlight, LeahLux is a multifaceted creator. She’s an avid gamer and twitch streamer. You can catch her on Twitch, where she shares her creative process, engages with fans, and dives into games like Overwatch, League, or Genshin Impact.

We are absolutely honored to be able to feature her incredible work, showcase her cosplay journey and process, and introduce our readers to her.

Follow LeahLux on TikTok: leahlux_ , Instagram: Leahlux_ Watch her live on Twitch: leahlux

Leahlux_ Interview -

Game Infinite: What drew you to cosplaying? Can you tell us a little about your journey and process? 

Leah: I started cosplaying way back in 2006- I had just learned that anime & gaming conventions existed from a friend, and I was so excited to go celebrate my adoration for the fandoms I enjoyed. I threw together a closet cosplay of Rukia from Bleach and was so proud of how it turned out. After seeing what everyone else had made at the convention, it lit something inside of me that made me want to create more. 

After that experience, I started working on foam armor, drafting my own sewing patterns, painting, and so many other techniques I’ve learned over the years to bring my favorite characters to life. Back when I first started cosplaying, you had to make your own cosplays or wait to maybe find something on eBay that would take 3 months to arrive (if you’re lucky!) 

At this point, I will still create some cosplays from scratch, but with timing and cost of materials I have found that buying already made cosplays and altering, creating my own props and wigs, and adding details, has been most convenient! However, I will still create my own cosplays if I am super passionate about the character. I learned a lot from my mom when it came to sewing, and my great-grandmother was a seamstress so she passed a lot of those skills down to her. I was fortunate that my family supported this endeavor, and even helped me with creating some of my first cosplays! 

My most notable early wave cosplays I made truly from scratch was Songstress Yuna from FFX, Tira from Soul Calibur 4, Little Sister & Big Sister from Bioshock 2, Sailor Moon, and Mad Moxxi from Borderlands 2. My most recent cosplays I’ve made are Alleria from World of Warcraft, Boss Raiden Shogun from Genshin Impact, Princess Serenity, Lux from League of Legends, and Sailor Saturn. 

The convention scene is definitely very different nowadays, but I still enjoy seeing everyone come together to have a good time and appreciate the skills everyone puts into their costumes!

Tifa Lockhart - Final Fantasy 7 Cosplay

Photography: eurobeat_kasumi_ebk

Gi: We are huge fans of your Tifa from Final Fantasy. For our Final Fantasy Infinite Gi Channel community, can you tell us a little bit why you love that character so much? 

Leah: Thank you so much! Tifa was actually one of my very first cosplays I did! I cosplayed the Advent Children version of Tifa shortly after watching the movie. I always admired her for how she portrayed a strong female lead while still being compassionate and caring. I also just really liked her design, she’s a very beautiful character!

Miscellaneous Cosplays

Gi: How do you approach embodying characters from different game universes like Morrigan from Darkstalkers, Lux from League of Legends, or others from Genshin Impact or more? You have so many amazing cosplays, what draws you to particular characters.

Leah: One of my favorite things to do for my cosplays is think of how each character would relate to this cosplay realistically. From the attitude and personality of the character, to the materials and role they play in their world. For instance, for Lux, she’s a princess and all about light and positivity. She is a very cheerful and heroic character so I make sure I try to show that on my face and expressions when posing for photos. For the costume, I also want to make sure I have royal elements to it- I added additional detailing to give that effect. 

Now, think of Morrigan from Darkstalkers- she has a very different personality- she’s a spicy succubus that emanates confidence, so I really have to tap into that when I pose and especially with the eyes. Her costume details would be more form fitting, dark, gothic. As far as what draws me to particular characters, I really think it’s mainly ones I have appreciated playing games as and that have a fun design that has many different elements such as armor, sewing, a fun wig!

Follow LeahLux on TikTok: leahlux_

Check out Leahlux's fun and entertaining cosplay videos on TikTok!

Gi: Can you share a memorable convention experience related to one of your cosplays? Whether it’s meeting fans, participating in a contest, or a funny mishap, can you share some stories about your cosplay journey?

Leah: I have really enjoyed being a cosplay contest judge! I especially enjoy seeing first time contestants enter and show off everything they are proud of that they’ve made. I am a very big Sailor Moon fan and I’ve made quite a few of these cosplays from scratch, and I remember specifically there was a contestant that came to one of our feedback sessions looking for ways to improve. It’s really inspiring and takes me back to when I was younger and learning, and just knowing you can be someone there to listen and guide is very fulfilling.

Thinking back to when I had first competed in a masquerade, I remember how much it mattered to me to show off all of my reference and progress photos, excited to talk about why I made certain choices in my fabrics or different processes I used, or how I repurposed some pieces I already had, I knew I wanted to do the same for others if given the chance!

Genshin Impact - Boss Raider Shogun

Photography: marlo.louden

Gi: Many of your cosplays involve intricate and detailed fabrics and designs. How do you tackle characters with complex outfits? 

Leah: It’s very easy to get overwhelmed when looking at making a cosplay, especially if you’re newer to it! My biggest piece of advice is to start small, and create a plan. Print out or draw on your reference photo and break it down into different areas. This way you can also plan out when each part needs to be done if you have a deadline!

I know for me the hardest part is actually -starting- my cosplays. I’ve found if I look at the reference and gather up all of my materials first, then choose my favorite part and start on that, I’m more motivated to work on it and then continue on the process! 

LeahLux - Twitch!

Want to see regular content from Leahlux? She streams on Twitch! Check out her amazing gameplay sessions and support her over there! Link

Gi: We would love to hear about upcoming cosplay projects or wishlist characters for you. What can our readers look forward to next? 

Leah: I am currently working on Shadowheart from Baldur’s Gate 3 and Sailor Cosmos from Sailor Moon that will both debut within the next few months! I also would love to put together a Dark Magician Girl from Yu-Gi-Oh and Prestige Crystal Rose Gwen from League of Legends this year, and I have some fun swimsuit cosplays for the summer planned (Tifa might be on that list ) Thank you!!



Thank you for stopping by our latest Creator Interview! If you are (or know of) a cosplayer, fan artist, indie dev, or streamer that would like to interview with us, let us know! Make sure to support the amazing creators in this series with likes and follows! Come back next time for more Game Infinite content!


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