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Deskfaceart - Creator Interview

We first discovered the incredible art of Deskfaceart when searching for SpyxFamily creators for our SpyxFamily Creator Round Up, and fell in love with their stylized and unique artstyle. Deskface has incredible talent for bring characterts to life in this super stylized anime style that is instantly recognizable as a deskface piece. We look forward to bring their Gi Creator Interview to our readers to showcase their art, journey, process, and more in this article.

Deskfaceart Interview:

Art Style -

Game Infinite: Your art stands out with a super specific and unique style. Could you share the inspiration behind it? What elements or techniques define your signature look? How did the deskface “look” come to be? 

Deskface: Ever since my first ever post I’ve already set my artstyle to look like if Persona 5 and  Kingdom Hearts had a baby (basically The World Ends With You). I use a mouse for my drawings to this day so I’d like to make sure that my lineart is ‘clean’ as opposed to a sketchier look, because its pretty impossible to do that with a mouse. As for the technique I pretty much use selection tools and paint fills to draw the whole thing

Character Selection:

Gi: You’ve depicted so many characters from diverse franchises, a few stood out to us like Honkai Star Rail, Genshin Impact, or Spy x Family. How do you choose which characters to feature in your art? Is there a particular process or criteria you follow? 

Deskface: I usually draw whatever’s hot at the moment, for instance for Honkai Star Rail and Genshin Impact I’ll draw whoever’s banner is up, whereas for anime if its popular enough (and has hot characters in it :D) then I’ll draw them, for example like the Jujutsu Kaisen and Oshi no Ko ones I did. So the same goes to Spy x Family.

Honkai Star Rail & Genshin Impact:

Gi: Both games have a distinct aesthetic. Dare we say they have inspired an entire genre of Genshin-likes. How do you adapt your style to capture the essence of many characters from these two worlds? Do you have a favorite of the two games? Do you plan on playing Zenless Zone Zero when it arrives? 

Deskface: So the thought process I have is ‘what if Genshin/Star Rail characters…but with black shadows??’. Then I also add some card-like backgrounds behind them so that my audience knows what to expect from my artworks but I tweak them enough so that they don’t become monotonous. Also I intended the pose and aesthetics to have a ‘character selection screen’ vibes because I want to draw for video games and I hope game devs notice me one day. As for the games I prefer Genshin a bit more because the story is simpler and it's easier for me to cry in them. Plus I don’t have a PS5 so playing Star Rail on my phone neuters the enjoyment a bit. As for Zenless Zone Zero, maybe?

Spy x Family:

Gi: This manga series has a mix of action, humor, and drama. How do you approach portraying characters like Yor Forger, Twilight, and Anya Forger? Tell us about your Yor piece? Do you plan on drawing more of her? What stood out to you about Yor?

Deskface: Spy x Family was under the ‘what’s hot’ category of my artworks and that’s why I drew them. Plus I like the anime enough to want to draw them. I make it a point to experience the media first so that I have the ‘correct’ mindset when drawing them. Not sure if it's noticeable but when you combine the 3 pieces there’s a giant ‘X’ behind them, the intention is that if I sell prints of them, that they want to finish the set. As for the Yor piece I wanted to make it not too ‘dom femme fatale’ because she’s kind of a goofball in the series outside her assassin stuff, and I like that part of her. I hope her character expands more on the dramatic side though, I’m sure it’ll hard because the same story that makes us laugh can also make us cry. Haven’t watched season 2 yet and I’m planning to soon! As for now, I have no plans on drawing her since I have a lot on my plate.

Exploring New Fandoms:

Gi: Beyond the mentioned franchises, are there other fandoms you’d like to explore through your art? Any hidden gems or lesser-known characters you’re excited to depict? Can you leave our readers with a tease for an upcoming wishlist character you plan to do in the future? 

Frieren! In fact the plan’s already in motion, I’m just going to finish up my current Genshin and Star Rail artworks and then I’ll draw the characters from the series. I have no plans on drawing underrated characters for now, I’m saving that when my audience grows bigger, so for now I’m sticking to popular characters. To answer your question, definitely characters from the Monogatari series. I like almost every single one of the characters there and I truly hope that one day I can draw them in my style :)


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Thank you for joining us for another Creator Interview! Make sure to support these amazing artists. If you are (or know of) a creator you would like to see us create an article on, let us know!


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