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X018 Recap

Microsoft recently hosted it's latest Inside Xbox event dubbed "X018", and it was chalked full of news, reveals, and exciting xbox news. Hosted in Mexico City, Microsoft had a nice lineup of guest speakers and the event itself had a good amount of positive energy. If you wish to watch the whole livestream, click below. This article contains the major announcements at X018.

(X018 Livestream)


Capcom was there in full force highlighting much needed info about the around the corner release. Dispite a release date this March 2019, little to nothing is known about DMC 5. This was the first event post its inital reveal to highlight even more about the game. We learn about a new practice mode called "The Void". We also get a more indepth look at the games new Devil Breakers system.

2. Black Friday 2018

Microsoft revealed that Black Friday 2018 will feature the lowest price yet for the Xbox One X at 100$ its retail price. This news comes along with a continued 1$ promo for new Game Pass Subscribers. Many games are going to be heavily discounted of course.

3. Void Bastards Game Reveal

Indie shooter coming from the mind that help bring us Bioshock, Woid Bastards is a first person shooter with a unique art design that looks to capture our attention. The game looks beautiful and will also be launching on Game Pass for those who wish to try it instead of buying.


Game Pass was definitely prominently shown during the event as Microsoft pushes heavily to ther new service. Microsoft announced a whole slew of a games coming to their all you can play subscription service Game Pass with a total of 16 titles announced. While some you may not have heard of there are some major hit titles coming like PUBG or HellBlade Senua's Sacrifice. Indie gems like Ori and Thomas was Alone are definitely worth a visit if you have never played them. Thomas was Alone was one of the best games of 2012.


If you are like me and have never played the Just Cause series, then maybe you were also like me and had little to no excitment for its upcoming sequel. Well then you may also be like me and were completely wrong. My initial thought was that this game was some kind of b-rated discount FarCry/Uncharted rip off that offered me no interest. I was wrong. Just watch the above trailer. This game is chaos incarnate. There is massive destruction. The tornado effect is awesome and ever present on the map. It wisps you away and your can have vehicles flying around. The weapons look chaotic and the game is just super fun looking. If you heard of but never had the opportunity to check out this upcoming title give this trailer a look. It is understandable that this is flying under the radar with such an extremely overcrowded holiday season, but you should check it out.

6. Obsidian and inXile Developers join the Microsoft family

Obsidian Entertainment is best known for its work on major games South Park Stick of Truth, Fallout New Vegas, Star Wars KOTOR, and Pilars of Eternity. Smaller developer, inXile Entertainment known for the wasteland games is also joining. Microsoft stressed they are having a mostly handsoff approach, keeping them independent. These are definitely great resources for Microsoft. Microsoft has been on a spree lately acquiring talent to join the xbox team, which is going to be rich for content for Xbox One.

7. Xbox One Mouse and Keyboard Official Support

Long rumored to be coming to Xbox is Mouse and Keyboard support. This is news that causes joy for some and anguish for others. This is because mouse and keyboard can sometimes offer greater ease and accuracy over a game controller than can give an unfair advantage especially in shooters. This has been a partial hindrance to cross play from some developers who don't want to break their game balance. Many wanted Microsoft to go the other way and work harder to block third party efforts to add mouse and keyboard to Xbox One. However, fear not, Microsoft is doing this right. This is launching for Fortnite and Warframe, and Microsoft is building the feature in such a way where games will match up mouse and keyboard players with EACH OTHER. This will help keep it fair, but allow the feature for those that want it. Once it becomes more wide spread, this could be a final point for PC players who wish to also play on console. This could drive pc players to the system in an effort to get at the amazing Xbox exclusives.

8. Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy is coming to Xbox One.

Final Fantasy XIII is not fan's of the franchise's favorite. However, that doesn't mean this is bad news. If you can't get enough of Final Fantasy, or just want to hear more of Liara's...(sorry Lightning's) voice, this is a chance to get a heavy dose. The entire trilogy is coming, XIII, XIII-2, and Lightning Returns are all going to be backwards compatible as of November 13. It is also getting a beautiful Xbox One X Enhanced patch that will improve the visuals over its original version on PS3 or Xbox 360, making it one of the few 360 titles to be Xbox One X Enhanced.


Seriously, are you tired of "news" about KH3 and just want the game to get here already? Well too bad, here's Winnie the Poo instead.

10. Crackdown 3 Multiplayer News

Also on the list of games that we've been waiting for what seems like an eternity for, Crackdown 3 also got some nice spotlight. With the release so soon, and the game having been annoucned for awhile, it still feels like little is known about this game. We have news on its multiplayer element and more. Also, like many other Xbox first party games, Crackdown 3 will be day one on Xbox Game Pass. Thankfully we won't have to wait for too much longer for the game's release on 2/15/19.

Conclusion -

This special event was packed with lots of excitement and news for Xbox fans. Game Pass subscribers will be extra happy with this event. As always, stay tuned for the latest Xbox news here on Game Infinte.

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