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New Game Tuesday, Games Releasing 3/19 - 3/25

This week is exciting as some much anticipated content is finally arriving. The long awaited Battle Royale mode for Battlefield V is finally upon us. Baptiste is anticipated updated character content for Overwatch. Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, the much anticipated next installment from the makers of the infamous Dark Souls franchise, From Software. Also in a last minute addition is the launch of Season 1 for Apex Legends. Announced the day before, it is an expected but happy surprise for Tuesday.

"New Game Tuesday" showcases major game releases from Tuesday to the following Monday. Scroll down to see if any of the major releases appeal to you!

1. Battlefield V: Firestorm

Release Date: 3/25

Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC

Publisher: EA

Developer: DICE

Battlefield V was not a shining success for EA DICE in 2018, as sales suffered for this admittedly very fun and decent shooter. I enjoyed the single player campaign of BFV and its multiplayer was exciting as well. Bugs and poor balancing at launch did hurt the fun of multiplayer, and the reasons abounded in EA's failure. I question EA's decision to launch its Battle Royale mode so late after launch, long after Battlefield needed a win. Will BR be enough to bring players in? Keep in mind this isn't a free expansion or standalone, you still need the full version of the game to play "Firestorm". EA is struggling to learn this concept of cluttered release windows. They didn't learn from Titanfall 2's close release to Battlefield 1, and they again didn't learn from Battlefield V's close release to major holiday titles in Holiday 2018. Now, Anthem is suffering in sales, and it demands the question if it is thanks (in part) to Apex Legends massive success? Is launching a (paid bundled) BR mode in Battlefield days after Apex gets its first season a horrible idea? Will anyone care Firestorm is here? We shall see! I am very skeptical, but still have been looking forward to this mode since it was first shown.

2. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Release Date: 3/22

Platforms: PS4, PC, Xbox One

Developer: From Software

Publisher: Activision

Beloved developer From Software known for the likes of Dark Souls and Bloodbourne, known for games so punishing and so difficult they have become infamous, spawning the psuedo-genre "soulsbourne" games. The next game from From Software is their newest IP. While some may have wanted Dark Souls 4 or Bloodbourne 2, those dreams will have to wait at least for now. Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is an upcoming action adventure that promises to be even harder and more tantilizing to long term fans who want even more punishment.

3. Overwatch (Update: Baptiste)

Release Date: 3/19

Publisher/Developer: Blizzard

Blizzard is finally releasing Baptiste for all platforms and bringing him out of PTR on PC. He is a Support/DPS with many META/Game changing attributes. His ability "Immortality Field" is the one that sounds most exciting and the most tactical that I can't wait to try. I have purposely put Overwatch away, playing streaming and reviewing other games waiting for Baptiste to show up so I would have an excuse to play my favorite time waster game.

4. Fate/Extella Link

Release Date: 3/19 (Western release)

Platforms: PS4, PC, Switch

Developer/Publisher: Marvelous!

5. Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon Everybuddy!

Release Date: 3/20

Platforms: PS4, Switch

Developer: Mystery Dungeon

Publisher: Square Enix

6. Apex Legends (Update: Season 1 and Octane)

Release Date: 3/19

Platforms: PS4, PC, Xbox One

Developer: Respawn

Publisher: EA

Apex Legends Season 1 hits today! A surprise as Respawn revealed its release only yesterday. The season pass is available starting 3/19 at 10AM PST. The regular Battle Pass will cost 950 Apex coins (10$ approximately) and the Battle Pass bundle will cost 2800 Apex Coins which will bump players up to level 25. The newest character Octane is released apart from the Battle Pass. He will cost 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins ($8.50 approximately). Season 1 is scheduled to last through June.

As always, stay tuned here on Game Infinite News for the latest gaming news! Check back next week for New Game Tuesday!

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