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ENENRA - Developer Interview

We featured ENENRA's trailer during Infinite Summer 2022, and like us, many of you were excited for this game. We got the exciting opportunity to follow up and sit down with the developer Zahid behind the anticipated Cyberpunk Ninja action game. We discussed the development, gameplay mechanics, story, and characters in this game, and we must say we are extremely excited. Zahid told us about some exciting in development mechanics like a Titanfall 2 style duel reality system like in the now famous Cause and Effect level, applauded by many as one of the greatest single player missions of the decade; as well as a FF7R / Mass Effect style real time strategic pause mechanic. We also learn about the games approaching transition to Unreal 5, which will see an graphical visual improvement in an already beautiful looking game. We sat down and played the current demo, and I must say I loved every second of its fast fluid gameplay. The game is currently slated for some time in 2023, and is one we definitely have our eye on. You can see our full interview below, along with some press kit images and the games trailer.

Gi Developer Interview

ENENRA Infinite Summer 2022 Trailer

Press Kit Images


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