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Infinite Summer 2022: Playstation State of Play Recap

After today's Playstation State of Play event... I had one major lingering question.

Where the hell was God of War?

To say that Sony's big summer gaming event was short and sweet is a bit of an understatement. It focused majorly on PSVR2 games and updates/ports. This was Sony's big E3/not E3 event? Leaving God of War off of this list all but confirms that God of War is in for a delay. We have seen too little, and June's State of Play is too important for it to be skipped if God of War was truly to launch this year.

They didn't bring a single first party AAA heavy hitter. There was no God of War, no Spider-man 2, no long rumored Last of Us multiplayer game news. People gave Xbox a lot of crap for delaying their only two remaining first party titles out of 2022, and then Sony shows up with this? All the heavy hitters from this game are from third parties! This was more of a Capcom and Square Enix live stream than it was Sony.

Check out the event and games below. Stay tuned on and our GI YouTube Channel for more INFINITE SUMMER 2022 content!

(Full Event)

1. Resident Evil 4

While this definitely was the Capcom Show, the event did kick off with a bang with the long rumored and speculated Resident Evil 4 Remake. We have to say that this first glimpse at the game looks absolutely beautiful. It’s coming to PlayStation 5 on March 24, 2023.

2. Stray - July 19th Release date

The much anticipated "that game game about a cat" finally received a release date. It is coming to PlayStation and PC on July 19, publisher Annapurna Interactive announced during the event. This is one of the more unique indie games on the anticipated lists, and how often do we get to see a cat as the protagonist?

3. Spider-man PC Port

Spider-man fans may be disappointed to have Sony's big Summer State of Play come and go with no news on the much anticipated Spider-man sequel. Instead, we got the admittedly unexpected news that the first one's remaster is getting a PC port. First released on PS4 back in 2018; it is heading to PC on August 12, 2022.

4. Street Fighter 6

Previously promised to have a summer appearance, Capcom appeared during PlayStation's event today and shared more footage of the upcoming Street Fighter 6. We got some gameplay and a look at the games semi-open-esque world.

5. Resident Evil Village VR

If you didn't get enough tall Vampire Lady in the original game, Sony revealed that a PSVR2 version will be coming...supposedly whenever the PSVR2 gets here.

6. Tunic

Tunic is an Indie Game gaining a following and praise amongst gaming circles. This event gave it the spotlight to share it's Playstation ports are incoming September 27.

7. The Callisto Protocol

Tell us you're making Dead Space without telling us you're essentially making Dead Space. The much anticipated horror game with obvious spiritual inspiration from the Dead Space games, Callisto Protocol was first revealed back in 2020 with a vague and creepy trailer. There was even at one point a supposed connection to PUBG that has since been disbanded. Now we got another look at the game with this new trailer.

8. Horizon VR: Call of the Mountain

The VR game teased during the PSVR2's initial news, a Horizon spinoff titled Call of the Mountain, got it's first gameplay trailer.

9. Final Fantasy XVI

Playstation may have brought very little to the table for this event, but they sure did know how to book end the stream. They kicked off with Resident Evil 4 remake, and then they ended with a bang with a gorgeous and exciting roller coaster with Square Enix's Final Fantasy XVI. Not only did we get a much longer and better look at the game, now we have the surprising release window of Summer 2023. It is crazy that this game is only a year away! This trailer definitely got us even more excited!


Thank You for reading our recap article and joining us for INFINITE SUMMER!

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