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Infinite Summer 2022: Summer Game Fest Recap

Summer Game Fest has effectively in many ways become to defacto replacement for E32022. Geoff Keighley left E3 and started his own Summer Gaming mega event, and with E3 been MIA for years, Summer Game Fest has become the biggest all in one stop event for gaming news during the major Summer gaming news June time window. Event Playstation and Xbox have shifted their June events to be under the Summer Game Fest umbrella. This event certainly did not disappoint as it was jam packed with world premiers, extended looks, and heavy hitters. Developers around the world continue to SHOW UP when Geoff calls. We got everything from the Rock to the Last of Us.

As part of own INFINITE SUMMER 2022 event, we have brought you a full recap of the absolutely amazing Summer Game Fest Livestream event. Scroll down for the major announcements!

1. Street Fighter 6 (New Trailer)

We got another look at Street Fighter 6! We just got a more in depth look during the State of Play event, but we get even more during Summer Game Fest 2022. Fans of the franchise can surely start to get excited for this new installment.

2. Aliens: Dark Descent

We were surprised to see a new Aliens game, and Dark Descent is here, however the XCOM style gameplay was met with some groans from fellow viewers. However, fans of that genre might like to take on the aliens universe.

3. The Callisto Protocol (New Trailer)

The "NOT Dead Space game" Callisto Protocol has horror fans counting the days, and we got yet another look at it during Summer Game Fest.

4. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (New Game Play Trailer)

Modern Warfare II hopes to end Activision's losing streak by promising us a sequel on the par of quality as the first reboot Modern Warfare. This gameplay didn't disappoint, and the fact that we are seeing gameplay this early tells us that the hush hush marketing of the last two COD games may be over and proving that MWII will be a course correction for the franchise.

5. Witchfire

Honestly, this game had me at fanning the hammer of a magical revolver fighting super natural monster. This gameplay look really excites.

6. Fort Solis

This almost could have been called the Space Game Fest instead as the event was an embarrassment of riches for space set games and fans of space games can really get excited. Even Geoff made several comments during the stream about how much Space stuff we saw during the event. Fort Solis looks incredible with this new game announcement jumping onto my personal wishlist.

7. Routine

MORE F***ing SPACE!!!

8. Black Adam (New Trailer)

Many of us would groan when films trailers are inserted into our big gaming events...but I am willing to excuse a guest appearance of THE ROCK! I was excited for Black Adam...but we got the actual trailer on top of it! It looks amazing. The Rock even called out Superman in the intro, as he has been very vocal about wanting a Black Adam v Superman match up to happen in the DCEU, and I couldn't agree more.

9. Stormgate

10. Goat Simulator 3

Ok, serious question. WHEN DID THEY MAKE GOAT SIMULATOR 2? Am I the only one that had no idea there was a sequel. I remember playing Goat Simulator, the hilarious rag doll chaos parody simulator. I think I would recall if a sequel came out. What a weird Mandela Effect universe to hop into. That being said, a 3rd one is on it's way, here with a hilarious Dead Island 2 parody filled trailer.

11. Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course

Fans of the notoriously difficult Cuphead, can continue to chomp at the bit for this DLC for the critically beloved platformer. For the rest of us who struggled to kill the first boss, we can keep scrolling. You know who you are...

12. HoYoverse Honkai: Star Rail World Premiere Trailer

MORE SPAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!!! This one looks incredible and also has shot high onto out anticipation list! Check it out.

13. HoYoverse Zenless Zone Zero World Premiere Trailer

We absolutely love the art style of the HoYoverse games, and this new game looks to add even more value to this expanding universe.

14. The Quarry

The Quarry is right upon us releasing tomorrow, but that didn't stop them from appearing at SGF, and it only served to make us even more excited for Super Massive Games next horror installment.

15. Saints Row

I, like pretty much everyone else on the internet, were NOT impressed by the original reveal of Saints Row's reboot. It looks pretty bad and low effort. I really wanted a major delay to give the game the time it needs. Subsequent trailers and looks have improved, and I will say that even though this game still looks like Walmart brand Saints Row, I dod like the focus on wild character customization in this trailer. Progress does look like it's been made. My excitement meter is slowly inching up.

16. Nightingale

When we first say Nightingale, it looked intriguing, and this extended look only increases out excitement for the game.

17. Last of Us HBO Show / Last of Us Standalone Multiplayer Game Tease

We got a brief tease / reminded about HBO's Last of Us show, and a quick tease / confirmation of the long rumored stand alone multiplayer game set in the Last of Us universe.

18. That Last of Us Part 1 (PS5 Remake)

I have been confused and baffled at the long rumors of a remake for the original Last of Us. I always thought that the first one already looked beautiful and fine, it didn't need much. However, seeing the side by side comparisons in these quick stills quickly changed my mind. This PS5 and PC remake looks incredible, and definitely worth the effort to bring this masterpiece to the current generation of technology.


Thank You for reading our recap article and joining us for INFINITE SUMMER!

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