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Invincible - Game Infinite Review

Amazon Prime’s Invincible is a phenomenal new super hero universe that reminds me so much of The Boys. Like it’s live action similar feeling cousin, Invincible joins the Boys in asking the super hero cynical question of what happens when Superman goes evil. It also shows the much more gorey reality of what super hero action would in reality entail.

Unlike some of the more super hero positive stories, where we rarely see blood and destructive human impact that super hero stories would actually have, we see it full on here. In fact, I feel like the animation lends itself to even more destructive levels that would be impractical to show on live action.

The show follows the story of Mark, aka “Invincible”, also the son of the most powerful hero in the world, "Omniman".

It is very much a son of "superman-not superman" story line. He discovers he has all of his dad’s abilities and is on a journey of discovery, being a superhero as a teenager in highschool. The universe has it’s own versions of the Justice League and Teen Titans called “Protectors of the Globe” and “Teen Team”

Invincible does share a similar issue I find with “the Boys” as they both seem to dangerously flirt with the line between Homage/Parody/Satire and just being the “Walmart Brand squad”. Sometimes I just wish that they would create their own heroes with unique abilities, without trying so hard to be “other universe versions” of existing franchises. Sometimes these feel like just store brand heroes instead of new heroes to enjoy.

That all being said; I feel like they do a great job of establishing characters for us to care about. It has emotional wait by the time Mark learns a dark truth about his world and the finale battle is absolutely brutal. You feel the dread of it all.

In addition to the main arc, we have several interesting sub-plots involving Eve and Robot that are also really well done, and do well to establish a universe. I think it goes to my point that two of the most interesting side characters are the one most furtherest from the Walmart Brand DC counterparts. Eve and Robot are more unique than the other heroes with less obvious inspiration and that helps make them more interesting.

I will say that the pacing, action, character development, and mystery all lead to it being an addictive bingeable show that you wont want to stop until you get to the end!


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