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New Game Tuesday, Games Releasing 2/26 - 3/4

Talk about an exciting week! Major console releases, long awaited exclusives, big season updates for major players, and most exciting of all, our FIRST GAME INFINITE FRIENDS MEMBER RELEASE. If you don't know, GiFriends is Game Infinite's community for content creators. Cosplayers, Streamers, and Indie Devs band together for support and growth! Every week Gi promotes members content, and all of our Indie Devs are still in dev progress. This week marks a special occassion with Pixelakes releasing their game Treasure Stack! This game wont get an official "review" but defintely gets our stamp of approval. Definitely check out this GiFriends members game!

"New Game Tuesday" showcases major game releases from Tuesday to the following Monday. Scroll down to see if any of the major releases appeal to you!

1. Treasure Stack *Game Infinite Friends Promoted*

Release Date: 3/1

Platforms: Xbox One, Switch, PC

Developer: Pixelakes

Game Infinite Friends Community Member

Thanks to public promotion from both Nintendo and Xbox, Pixelakes is one of the biggest spotlighted GiFriends community members! Pixelakes has been hard at work on Treasure Stack. This competive puzzle game is a BLAST. It has been an honor to help share their progress and news during development, and plan to continue to support them after launch!

2. Call of Duty BO4 New Season: "Operation Grand Heist"

Release Date: 2/26* (First on PS4, Xbox and PC launching 2/26)

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Developer: Treyarch

Publisher: Activision

With all the February releases, the success of Apex, and the upcoming launch of Anthem, Activision was not to be out done with its own news. Operation Grand Heist was just announced as a new season event for Call of Duty Black Ops 4. I am happy they did this as I haven't touched BO4 in while, and this will give me an excuse to revist the game. The content arrived last week early on PS4, so now Xbox One and PC players get to play it. This event does look to be huge though with new characters, maps, and more we get the biggest update yet. Theres police cares, mustanges, gold machine guns, gorrillas, all new map for Blackout. Everything you didn't think you needed arrives in Black Ops 4.

3. Dead or Alive 6

(Release Trailer)

Release Date: 3/1

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Developer: Team Ninja

Publisher: Koei Tecmo

Dead or Alive is one of my favorite fighting game series. Originally supposed to launch back in February, we got an saving grace as too many games launched right next to each other in Feb, so the short delay hopefully will service DOA6 well. I can't wait to revist the beloved characters and fighting styles in the beautiful HD next gen DOA. Stay tuned for streams and the full review of DOA6 after the game launches on March 1st.

4. Black Desert (Xbox) FINALLY

Release Date: 3/1

Platforms: Xbox One, PC

Developer/Publisher: Pearl Abyss

Finally. Finally. Finally. This game was announced way back at the reveal of the Xbox One X as an xbox exclusive showcasing the power of 4k on the new console. With over a year and a half in delays, the game is finally upon us. I didn't think it would ever release. Game Infinite did an impression of the beta, and man oh man was it bad. The beta was buggy, boring, and awful. However, reports are showing much has improved in the previous months and we still have a real treat approaching. However, I would recommend you wait for reviews to poor in before picking this up. We've waited for years for this title, its worth waiting a few extra days to see if it was worth it. Dispite a buggy bad beta, I am hoping the launch state is what we have been waiting for. This game promises an unprecedented customer character creator, and action packed amazing combat. March 1st is going to be an exciting day with multiple releases.

5. Fortnite (Season 8)

Release Date: 2/28*

Platforms: Xbox One, PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS,

Developer/Publisher: Epic Games

Fortnite Season 8 is only two days away, and we know very little about it. Pirates and Dragons have been teased, but as for what content, events, skins, or map updates will arrive is largely a mystery. This update will reveal more as we approach release!

6. More Games: Stellaris, Dirt Rally 2.0, and Trials Rising

More games dropping this week include Stellaris (for Console) Dirt Rally 2, and Trials Rising. Fans of motor cross and off road racing will have two new titles to pick from for some adreneline pumping racing games, and Scifi RTS fans looking for some space opera madness can pick up strategy game Stelaris finally making its way to console.

As always, stay tuned here on Game Infinite News for the latest gaming news! Check back next week for New Game Tuesday!

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