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Top 10 Games of E3 2019

E3 2019 has come and gone and while many thought that Sony's absense was going to somehow indicate that this year was going to feel empty or underwhelming. I couldn't disagree more. Nintendo and Xbox more than picked up the slack and delivered a machine gun onslaught of games. Usually the year before next gen can also feel a little light because developers are waiting launch or support the new console; however, we got enough excitement this year to make you forget new consoles are coming 2020. This is the list of the top 10 games at E3 2019.



-I'm keeping this list strictly to unreleased games, so while I am super excited about the updates coming to Apex Legends in Season 2 or the direction Bungie is taking Destiny 2, they wont be appearing on this list.

Games Shown:

-I am also only including games that we have at least officially "seen" in some minimum way, so logo/teased only games are left out. For instance, as cool as it is that Super Metroid Prime 4 or Elder Scrolls 6 may be; they are in development and really haven't been seen yet.

Present on Stage:

-Some amazing upcoming games weren't on stage this year. Call of Duty Modern Warfare looks amazing. It wasn't at any of the big stage events.

10. Darksiders Genesis

I have been a long time fan of the Darksiders series and have been playing it way back in 2010 for the original. Darksiders 2 released way back in 2012, and its sequel Darksiders 3 only released last year in 2018. The third installment was never guaranteed, and with such a long gap between 2 and 3, none of us expected a fourth game so soon. Now the catch is the devlopers have said Genesis is a spin off and not a sequel. This is not the massive 3D action adventure like the first three, this is a top down diablo style dungeon crawling stick shooter. This kind of makes sense for the first projectile combat based Horsemen, Strife. What this means for Darksiders 4, I have no idea. However, it is coming multiplatform to even less obvious like Stadia and Switch. More games in this universe is just what I wanted.

9. Doom eternal

I was on the fence on DOOM Eternal. It initally looked very similar to the "first" 2016 Doom reboot, a game I didn't finish. This E3 definitely has brought me over into excitement as this looks smooth, gory, polished, and fun. I think I will definitely get it on a console that can handle it however. As glad as I am that the Switch can get games like these, I want 4k next time. It is also coming to Stadia.

8. Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 looks just incredible. The art style mixed with modern graphical power, the millions of guns to choose from, the insane and crazy characters, all just looks like it is going to be a wild ride. The inital reveal was ok, but it really shined during its E3 conference. I really think Borderlands 3 is going to succeed where the rest of thise years bright neon apocalyptic shooters such as Far Cry New Dawn and Rage 2 have failed.

7. Astral Chain

Astral Chain is at the very top of my most anticipated list for Nintendo Switch. This anime inspired scifi action adventure looks amazing. You play as a futuristic scifi cop working with alien robots to fight crime and progress the story. If you need anyting other than to make you want this game then just watch this trailer.

6. Final Fantasy VII Remake

I will be the first to admit I would not be considered a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise. In that I have only played two, for short portions and that would be XV and XIII. They were ok but I never got into them. I never even played the original 7, so I don't have the nostalgia to look forward to. When I did finally see the gameplay at E3 2019 however, I must say I am impressed. There is one major thing that instantly got a total FF newbie onboard. They borrowed a unique gameplay mechanic that I only ever saw in my favorite game series, Mass Effect. To update Final Fantasy 7, they are doing the smart move of going real time on combat, however, to keep to original feel and the sense of tactics, you build up a meter to unlease powers. In this mode, the game pauses; you can rotate and see the world around you and plan powers. The only example I have seen of this before is that power wheel in Mass Effect. Another interesting point is I don't think people understant the scope this game is going to be, even Square Enix is sure yet. SE has gone on record for saying the first "episode" is going to be about the size of an entire normal game. The game is also going to be maxing out two whole bluray's! It would not surprise me if FFVII ends up making Red Dead Redemption 2's 100GB starting file size look like a tiny blip.

5. watchdogs legion

I never thought I would ever say this again. I am excited for Watchdogs. Yeah I am going to risk it again. For those of you who don't know my prior experience with watchdogs; I had the first one, Collector's Edition, on pre-order for TWO YEARS. I watched it go through two delays. I watched the controversy of graphical downgrades. I played it for maybe two hours and didn't like it. One of my biggest burns in gaming. I skipped Watchdogs 2 enitirely.

4. marvels avengers

Fans are having a unusually negative reaction to the character models used. In the Square Enix recap I detailed why it was super unrealistic to expect the MCU actors to reprise their role in the game. If you set that ridiculous expectation aside, the game looks really cool! We will get to play as all the main Avenger's line up, with the promise for free hero additions later and co-op with friends! What we saw just looked amazing.

3. star wars jedi fallen order

Jedi Fallen Order has a lot riding on it. It is going to be the third Star Wars game from publisher EA, and it may be an understatement that the first two Battlefront's were not well received. Respawn has quite a storm to overcome. However, they are on the right path by giving fans the single player jedi experience we have been wanting for years, all with the promise of no micro-transactions or lootboxes. We got a new trailer and 15 minutes of gameplay during EA Play and XboxE3 and I have to saw my excitement level was already high, but now I definitely can't wait to get my hands on this game.

2. Halo infinite

It feels like an eternity since we got a Halo game. Halo 5 was underwhelming for fans, lacking the much of the very hero we go to play Halo for. Even 5 was longer agon than any Halo game, and now we have another year and a half to play this game. Coming Holiday 2020 along side Xbox's Project Scarlett, Halo 5 is the first game that is stated to be next gen and we have actually seen. I only wish we got to see any more of it. They chose to show us a Master Chief "wake up" scene, something we have seen a lot before. Either way, this is amazing not just for halo fans, but xbox fans and gamers alike at our first look at next gen.

1. cyberpunk 2077

You should have seen this coming, especially if saw that Xbox E3 Win moment when during an otherwise normal cinematic trailer for CD Project Red's Cyberpunk 2077, Keanu Reeves himself kneels down on camera. The crowd could be over heard roaring. Then to take it to 3000, he walks out on stage to the roaring crowd. John Wick himself is going to be playing a part of the already over-anticipated mega hit of 2020. I didn't think it was possible for CDPR to actually out do their last E3 and they managed to do that. Cyberpunk promises to be one of the most amazing scifi-rpg's of our generation, and somehow they managed to surprise us again. 2020 can't get here fast enough with this amazing game. Cyberpunk 2077 is availble to pre-order, with an amazing collectors edition, and is coming April 2020. For more gaming news, and everything E3, make sure to stay tuned right here on Game Infinite.

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