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Why wait until Saturday? - Daily Promos are Here (GiFriends Community Update)

Community Content Saturday is one of many ways Game Infinite has promoted its members. However, Community Content Saturday is a relic of a pre-story, pre native sharing Instagram. It was a way to share community content back when it was more difficult to do so and also before stories were really a major way of interacting with viewers.

Now Introducing, Daily Promos. In addition to committing to posting GI content daily, I will be committing to sharing 1-3 GiFriends content into stories daily when available. Instead of concentrating all the community content into one day, it will be spread out into the week via native story shares or submitted content.

This idea was formulated by how we currently promote streamers on Twitter. You may have seen the “GiFriends Live” banner. Since streaming is all about timely support during a live, supporting streamers in the moment rather than later is important! I started experimenting with this in Stories as well to much success and positive feedback.

Sharing your content in the moment will offer many unique benefits:

•Daily support is great, and already a part of likes and comments for GiFriends members so why not shares!?

•Native Shares allow story viewers to click directly through to your content.

•Same Day shares can positively improve your reach and metrics of a photo over sharing that post up to 14 days later with CCS.

•This new strategy better supports members who post more frequently without punishing people who post less.

•This strategy will increase visibility to your posts, having you share the spotlight less with others on one day in feed.

•This strategy will drastically increase the frequency in which members can recieve promotion from Game Infinite, which will help us scale the community into triple digits!

I will be transparent in that a way this will benefit Game Infinite and myself is that by offering a different strategy on promoting you more, I feel I will be in a better position to ask for more support from members. If members get their content supported more, members may be willing to share Gi’s content more!

Members should continue to tag us and use the #GiFriends posts, but a new recommendation, feel free to tag and hashtag Stories as well. We regularly promote the #GiFriends to fans and new members. Using the hashtag and tagging us in posts and stories will greatly increase the chances of having your content shared and shared faster.

Active Members who support Game Infinite and the community more with Discord activity, likes, shares, will also be more likely to receive support than less active members. This is a self feeding circle that grows us both!

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