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N7 Day 2019

Today is N7 Day and for those that don't know what that means, it is a day the Mass Effect community celebrates one of gaming's all time greatest stories and sci-fi adventures. November 7th has been adopted by Mass Effect fans and Bioware alike because of the N7 insignia worn by the main protagonist Commander Shepard. Anyone who knows me knows that Mass Effect is my all time favorite video game series and favorite sci-fi series. Don't get me wrong, I love Star Wars, Star Trek, Halo, and the rest of them like the biggest fan but there is a special place for Mass Effect. I've spent more time, money and love on that series. It simply is one of the greatest stories, filled with an amazing universe, populated by fascinating characters.

Each year on November 7th, Bioware celebrates with the community something Mass Effect related and usually offers up some sort of Mass Effect news. Last year Andromeda FINALLY got it's 4K One X update available on PS4 Pro at launch, alongside a mass effect highlight video. It is a day to share art, cosplay, and stories of our adventures in Mass Effect, and this year was no different.

While not nearly as exciting as the Mass Effect Trilogy remaster we eagerly await with baited breath each year desparately hoping for, Bioware did try to inject some life into the failing Anthem. Anthem has been a disaster with little to no post game content, massive bugs, and a desert instead of a player base. However, Bioware hasn't given up, and they hoped some admittedly pretty amazing Mass Effect themed skins might attract some players into a sinking ship. Hopefully N7 Day 2020 will give us the remastered trilogy.

Game Infinite celebrated N7 Day 2019 with a curated offering of screenshots, cosplays, fan art, and news from the online community and our very own Game Infinite Friends community members.

Here are some of our favorite shots from Mass Effect Andromeda!

We have some Mass Effect fans in the Game Infinite friends community! Check out these cosplayers!

We have some amazing Mass Effect cosplay and fan art shared with us by the greater Mass Effect community! Photos shared with permission!

Throwback to Wisconsin Comic Con where I got to meet Ali Hillis, the super nice and talented Voice Actress for Liara T'soni! I even got an autographed art signature!

I hope everyone had an amazing N7 Day 2019, make sure to leave a comment and tell us what your favorite Mass Effect moment of character may be, and we can't wait until next year N7 Day 2020!

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