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X019 Event Recap

X019, labled as the "Biggest Inside Xbox Ever", Microsoft's annual multi day event show is here! Second only to E3, X019 takes place in London and it sure didn't disappoint. We got a first look at new games, Xbox Game Pass Updates, and much more. Below is the full event, along side a recap of some of the biggest announcements, trailers, and updates. For fans of Xbox, this is the biggest dump of Xbox news to come before next year's E3 2020. Check it out!

(Inside Xbox X019 Livestream)

"Live Action" Become a Jedi launch trailer for Jedi fallen order

Microsoft kicked off x019 with a sick Star Wars intro, the best way to kick off anything I supposed! Jedi Fallen Order has dropped and it sure is amazing. I'm only a few hours in but it already looks Respawn Entertainment is going to go 4/4 on amazing games. Can they do any wrong?

Wasteland 3

X019 gave us an extended look at the extremely long anticipated Wasteland 3. We now know it is coming May 2020. It will also be a day one Game Pass title.

Microsoft TRIPLEs DOWN on Game Pass

Microsoft announced that there would be 19, that's right 19 new games coming to Game Pass. Many were showcased as day one ID@Xbox titles. Xbox is really showing that Game Pass is home to indie games that you can play at launch. One of the stand outs that I saw on the indie front is acclaimed My Friend Pedro, a game we reviewed quite positively earlier in the year is coming to Xbox Game Pass. Other big 2019 games are coming such as Revenant and Rage 2; we also saw critically acclaimed Witcher 3 is coming to Game Pass.

Minecraft dungeons

Microsoft gave us an extended look and demo of Minecraft Dungeons, a multiplayer co-op dungeon crawler inspired game set in the art style and universe of Minecraft.

Last stop

Xbox announced, Last Stop, a new game from Variable State, creators of the award-winning Virginia, and published by Annapurna Interactive.

The single-player third-person adventure game is set in modern day London as an anthology, where players control three characters in a supernatural adventure.

cross fire x

Microsoft announced that popular Chinese PC shooter Crossfire X would be coming to Xbox back at E32019. We know that it will be console exclusive, free to play, and coming 2020. At X019 we got an extended new look with gameplay for the first time.

Age of empires IV

PC players have been waiting almost 15 years for Age of Empires IV. Here at X019 Microsoft finally gave players a look at gameplay of this beloved civilization RTS franchise. It definitely did not disappoint.

Flight simulator

I will admit I have always found the "simulator" sub culture in gaming to be boring. When I drive in gaming I prefer more Need for Speed high octane action than slow realism. However my opinion on sims all changed when I saw the initial reveal for the reboot of Flight Simulator back at E32019. I immediately had to share it with a friend who was a former pilot. What microsoft has in store for gamers is one of the most visually stunning and scenic beautiful games I've ever seen! They are giving us a full 4k experience in the air with stunning landscapes taken from real overfly camera capture. You just have to see it for yourself and watch the newest trailer.

Halo Reach - MCC, Release date, 4k Update, Game Pass, and PC

I had the opportunity to test play Halo Reach on PC at Halo Outpost 2019 in Chicago and I have to say next to amazing cosplay it was the best thing at the event. I got to relive an amazing game from my younger years not in beautiful 4k. It ran smooth, and was visually and audibly incredible. We now know Halo Reach is coming soon on 12/3/19! For those who don't have a PC this is still coming to the MCC on Xbox One as well with improved visuals and 4k support. I can't wait to try it out at launch.

Rare's new IP - Everwild

Beloved developer Rare announced their newest IP - Everwild, which takes place in a new beautifully done natural world. I was originally watching the stream on Mixer, and right before the game was announced the stream went down for everyone on Mixer. It was like "here is the new game from Rare, World Premier, OFFLINE". To say the chat exploded was a bit of an understatement. While comical, luckily was able to switch to twitch and keep watching.

Bleeding edge

X019 also brought us a new look at Bleeding Edge. Ninja Theory's team brawler also had a new fighter added to the lineup, and we were shown gameplay alongside a release date of 3/24/20.

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