"Best of 2019" Gi Celebration Event Recap!

This year I decided to do our biggest of end of year event ever! In addition to some of my normal Top 10 Game style articles, I extended it into a bigger celebration of the year. This year we included special shoutouts for Game Infinite Friends and content from our new Gi Channels! We selected several GiFriends for special shoutouts and also let our followers vote on some of our biggest categories of "Best of 2019". I was blown away at the support from everyone. It was a great way to recognize some of the amazing content made by our amazing community during 2019, as well as some of the amazing creators supported by the Gi Channels! Below is list of Special shoutout categories, the winners, and for the voted categories those who were nominated. It was amazing year for GiFriends where we saw the community double in size, launch our GiFriends MODS program. We also launched three new theme specific content channels, Apex Infinite, Star Wars Infinite, and Tomb Raider Infinite. These three channels brought us amazing new content, new followers of the Gi platform, and even new GiFriends.

While we launched many shoutouts, four of our biggest shoutouts were "Most Entertaining Streamer, Best GiFriends Fan Art, Best Cosplay 2019, and Top Supporter" Read through these amazing creators for those mega-highlights at the end.

Here listed below are all the shoutouts given to creators shared by our Gi Channels and members in the GiFriends Community

Gi Channels

Apex Legends Fan Art

Apex Legends Cosplay

Star Wars Fan Art

Star Wars Cosplay

Tomb Raider Fan Art

Tomb Raider Cosplay


Best Selfie Cosplay

Best Screenshot

Best GiFriends Fan Art

Best Twitch Clip

Best Overwatch Cosplay

Best Anime Cosplay

Best Super Hero Cosplay

Most Entertaining Streamer

Best Cosplay

Top Supporter

Gi Channels

Apex Legends Fan Art/ (best Gifriends Fan Art Winner)

Best Apex Legends Fan Art Nominations: @trash_senpaii @saiddrawing @blazingroseart @michelangeline3

Best GiFriends Fan Art Nominations: @trash_senpaii @dmtkirtay @michelangeline3 @d2k_prime

WINNER: @trash_senpaii

Trash_senpaii also Won Best GiFriends Fan Art

Apex Legends Cosplay

Best Apex Legends Cosplay Nominations: @thirmiumcatalyst @cosplamy @Lisa.mancinerh @pixydi

WINNER: @thirmiumcatalyst

Star Wars Fan Art

Best Star Wars Fan Art Nominations: @jakebartok @venamis @frangleart @super_scoundrel @daztibbles

WINNER: @jakebartok

Star Wars Cosplay

Best Star Wars Cosplay Nominations:

@tessanetting @j3nkray @mystifyingenchantress @ladymaulcosplay @cptn_rex

WINNER: @ladymaulcosplay

Tomb Raider COSPLAY

Best Tomb Raider Cosplay Nominations: @peachtsuri