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C2E2 2020 Event Recap!

Over the past week I have had Game Infinite and our Gi Channels recapping C2E2 2020. This so far has been one of the biggest cons I have ever been to. I even think this was bigger than Star Wars celebration! My only regret is not going the full 3 days, I felt like I saw less than half of this amazing nerd haven. C2E2 is a comic con based in Chicago IL, and features amazing cosplay, esports, artists, literature, and guest appearances. Artist row was insanely huge, and I wanted to stop at each one and look at all their art. The best part of this event was definitely the people I got to meet, both celebrity guests and the content creators on the floor! The second best part obviously was all the merchandise. I scored some pretty cool loot myself!

Celebrity Guests:

Erin Moriarty - @erinelairmoriarty

While C2E2 had an entire row of many amazing guests to go see there were three specifically I was excited to meet. I got to meet Erin Moriarty who is the actress who played Starlight in Amazon's the Boys. She was really nice and shorter in person than I expected. I have to say it was awesome to meet one of "The Seven". I got to snap a pic with her and get her autograph.

Isa Briones - @isacamillebriones

Second I got to meet someone currently bringing one of my favorite sci-fi series to life, Star Trek. Isa Briones of Star Trek Picard, Soji herself the series newest *SPOILER* android. She was funny and a pleasure to meet. I was also able to snap a selfie with her and get her auto graph.

Max Mittelman - @maxmittelman

Lastly, I got to meet the man behind the voice of my all time favorite anime, One Punch Man! Saitama himself, Max Mittelman was there, and I got the absolute coolest art poster with his autograph on it. I got to chat with him for a moment, and I was able to tell him how One Punch was the first anime I really tried and what got me started liking anime. One Punch still is my favorite so meeting him was awesome.

The Cosplay:

C2E2 was home to the largest gathering of cosplayers I have ever seen, with at least twice as many as Star Wars Celebration. If I could have done things differently I would have gone an entire day with my DSLR just offering cosplay shoots. It was incredible. Here is just a small batch of the amazing cosplays I saw. Everything from Star Wars, to Anime, to Apex Legends, to Overwatch. Everything was represented.

Known Cosplay Credits:

Iron Man Mark 1: @jswhitmore

Borderlands Cosplay: @thousand_faces_cosplay

Bumblebee: @ljp24_7

Revenant: @mylcreates

All Might: @miryokucosplay

The Art

Who could forget artist alley? It was incredible and was another thing I wish I could have invested an entire day to see. I met so many amazing artists. I picked up some art, and few gave me permission to share extra a shoutouts with some snaps. These are just a few.

Known Fan Art:


In addition to art, and countless cosplay I managed to score two awesome pieces of loot that I am really excited for. At the time of the con, the novelization of Star Wars the Rise of Skywalker was still three weeks away from release, but C2E2 had early pre-release copies. I managed to pick up one of the last copies at the con. Also more Star Wars news, I was able to get a poster for the new upcoming era of Star Wars, "The High Republic". I also managed to pick up a few comics, and a treasure chest filled with artist business cards. I look at the pile of them on my desk and hope to see future GiFriends members in there!

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