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Google Stadia Connect April 2020 - Recap

Today Google surprised us with a quick Stadia Connect to share news on some new games coming to the platform and other updates. Recently we learned that Stadia has launched their Free tier originally promised, as well as Google is offer the "pro tier" for free for 2 months. To say Google Stadia has had a rocky launch is a bit of understatement, with slow new game adoption and players unhappy with the launch quality of the service. I think Google underestimated the difficulty in what they promised, and the high standards gamers have for performance. I myself went from an excited early adopter to someone who cancelled their founders edition. As of today I am trying the free trial out to give it a chance now that it is available. I think Google should have launched under the beta label, 100% free to use, with multiple free games to choose from. Their paid beta service with games that need to individually be purchased was a bit of hubris they failed to deliver on. I think I will do a review of the service now that it is free to try. That all being said, I am reserving optimism for my trial, and am excited for the news released today. Check out these games either now available or coming to Stadia announced in today's connect. For those that want the full, roughly 15 minute livestream here is a link below.

Below are some of the game announcements brought during the event.

Player Unknown Battlegrounds

The massively popular Battle Royale phenomenon, PUBG, the game that kicked off the battle royale craze, is launching on Google Stadia. They made it clear that the game will feature "Cross-play" but no mention of cross progression was made during the presentation, so we don't know yet if any of your cosmetics or progress will translate over. However, for those who want to revisit the game it is going to be free to try in Stadia Pro.

Octopath Traveler

A beloved Switch RPG is heading to Stadia. I will be honest this was sadly one I missed out on. I do however have several friends who loved the game, and I know many will be excited to have this in a new place to try. It is now available.

Zombie Army 4 Dead War

I wasn't planning on picking this new title up this year; however it will be launching free on Stadia Pro. I think FREE is the best I would have given to try this game. I will say this is one of the first "new titles" to launch on Stadia Pro, a service that up until now has focused on older games. It launches on Stadia on May 1st.

Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal, one 2020's described best shooters and new games is now available on Google Stadia.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Last years GOTY from Game Infinite is coming to Google Stadia. I was pleasantly surprised to see this title coming to another platform because it is truly incredible. It is more than just a great Star Wars game, and by far the best post-EA era Star Wars game to launch, it is overall a great action adventure game. If Tomb Raider and Dark Souls had a Star Wars baby this would be it.

Google also showed off a small slew of smaller indie games coming to Stadia that also looks amazing. Here's a rapid fire of those titles trailers.

Indie Games:

Stadia stated another Stadia Connect will be coming Summer 2020, I'm thinking will probably be around the same time as the probable E3 replacement streams. Stay tuned on Game Infinite for all the best gaming news!

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