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Top 15 Favorite Star Wars Characters (Star Wars Day Special)

At first I said, I'll do a quick top 5 Star Wars characters for Star Wars Day! Then I immediately realized I love Star Wars; and that'd be impossible, so I changed it to the top 10 Star Wars characters. Well... any way, here we go with my top 15 favorite Star Wars characters of all time. To make this list at least doable for me, I am doing strictly human-like organic characters, so just like the bars on Tattooine, no Droids here. Besides, let's be honest, then all 15 slots would be held by R2D2. Before getting into this article, make sure to drop a vote for your favorite Star Wars character on this article's social media posts across Game Infinite and Star Wars Infinite.

I will specify that these are my personal favorites, and maybe not the usual "top best", or most important to the story, or the most powerful. They are just the characters I like the most. I will also preface that while I love all 11 movies so far, the prequels were what in theaters in when I was a kid so they have a special place in my heart. If prequel characters rank higher than some OT ones, or if some OT characters don't make my list, then don't get angry at me. I'm a product of the 90's don't @ me. Let's take a break from endless Instagram prequel memes, and because this easily could have been a top 50 list, let's kick this off with some honorable mentions who I couldn't fit even into 15.

Honorable Mentions

Han Solo and Luke Skywalker are two of the most iconic names of Star Wars, heroes of the original trilogy, and one of which got his own spin-off movie. They work as a trio, and they certainly are great characters, individually I don't love them enough for the top 15. OT purists don't hate me. I love Qi'ra from Solo, *spoiler for the ending*, while she turns out to be our first and only female villain... (kind of) she brought gravitas and weight to the film. I can only hope we get to see her again in a Disney+ series; she would make an excellent villain/love interest in Kenobi's series. Asoka Tano from Clone Wars is an incredible padawn to Anakin but a rising Jedi in her own right. Poe and Finn are two beloved Sequel characters and both amazing. Jedi Fallen Order was amazing, and it gave us Cal Kestis and his crew. Qui-gon Jin is such a shame that he only appeared in the one film. Aayla Secura was a favorite with a really cool design who deserved more screen time, but enjoyed in other media and Clone Wars. It was hard to leave any of the Republic Commando characters off but I had to pick just one Clone. Cara Dune from the Mandalorian is probably one of the best new Star Wars side characters we've seen in a while, and she is awesome and bad ass, even in the shadow of Mando's and baby Yoda's spotlight. I loved Boba Fett and Jango Felt as villains, and Sabine from Rebels, but I felt there was only room for one Mandalorian on this list...

So many more amazing characters that made this list hard; however, here are my top 15 favorites.

Princess Leia

Carrie Fischer took the term "princess" and completely changed the archetype. While George could have easily taken us down the over used "damsel in distress" archetype direction, making her a submissive, quite, ditsy character. In fact, the very original Star Wars easily could have been that as the first 3/4 of the film is them literally "rescuing the Princess". It could have been bland and cliche. Instead, we get a bad ass General who portrays both grace and bravery. She could be gentle or she could whip a Blaster away from Solo and shoot Stormtroopers. She was sassy. She was likable. She will forever be a role model for young girls. Fast-forward to the Sequels, and we get an old wise Grandmother figure who is everything we expected from an older Leia

Darth Maul

I'll never forget the first time I saw Darth Maul revealed behind the door in my first childhood theater showing of the Phantom Menace. The music, the excitement, and lightsaber duel. But beyond the amazing duel of the fates we eventually got more information to Maul with the Clone Wars, Rebels, and Solo. While the silent, mysterious character in the Phantom Menace was amazing, he wasn't ruined by the more screen time and backstory we eventually got. I didn't think we'd get as epic as scene from Maul as we do in Phantom Menace, but the "escape scene" in Season 7 is truly phenomenal; however, I won't spoil it any further.

Captain Rex

As hard as it was to leave Asoka Tano off this list, she was not my favorite character introduced by Clone Wars. That definitely goes to Captain Rex. One thing the Clone Wars did most was put a face to the faceless, humanizing the Grand Army of the Republic. The prequels showed us true clones, identical, and robotic. However, the Clone Wars' deep dive showed the real individualism that was there. We got countless individual characters that managed to have their own personality, despite having the same voice actor and sometimes similar to identical armor. The fact that the Clone Wars made us care about Clones, their stories, and more is phenomenal on the part of the show's creators. Fives, Echo, Cody, and the Bad Batch are all clones we grew to care about. Captain Rex, however, is the most developed and likable. He feels like a unique and individual person. I think that is why he was the one saved for Star Wars Rebels. I won't spoil any of season 7 for anyone but his arc in the final season is some of the best in Clone Wars, and my all time favorite CW story arc, the "Pong Krell" story arc, has Rex front and center. I'd even reckon to say those few episodes are some of the best Star Wars animation yet.

Jaden Korr

I know some of you might be saying, "Who?" While a more obscure pick and a little bit of a cheat I will admit, Jaden Korr is the create-your-own protagonist of the older now Legends video game Jedi Academy. I absolutely loved that game back in the day; I must have beaten it a dozen times. It is one of the few post-ROTJ era stories I was able to experience prior to Disney. I loved the idea of the new Jedi Order and New Republic and the Imperial Remnant. While don't get me wrong, I love the sequels more than most; but the EU was incredible; and Jedi Academy is one of the best. Now while, Jaden Korr was a create your own, that just means Jaden's gender and species wasn't canon. Jaden still had a fixed and unique story. It was the only experience we ever got as players as going through Jedi training and becoming a true Jedi with a Master.

Mace Windu

Will somebody PLEASE tell me why Disney won't give this man a spin off movie? Sam M**********ing Jackson has gone on record as saying as he wants to play the character again. He is so badass he got a purple lightsaber simply because he asked George Lucas. Mace is a character that makes the Jedi look baller. He is fearless, and gives off an entirely different Vibe than any of the other Jedi.

I want a Disney+ show that shows Mace survived his fall from his battle with Palpatine and is in hiding. That, or bring him in on the Obi-Wan Kenobi series. I just want more Mace Windu with Samuel L Jackson.

I'm not wrong.

*update* While working on this article, I came across a post on social media discussing a fan theory that Mace Windu may have been a Villian in training if he had not been defeated by Palpatine. The theory is that he wanted the power for himself. He was the one who suggested forcibly removing the Chancellor. He was the one always so suspicious of Anakin's abilities and even his supposed nature as the "chosen one". The fan theory goes that had he successfully defeated Palpatine in ROTS, he would have seized control of the galaxy as an Emperor in his own way. This theory goes a long way to the entire sub-plot that the Jedi Order had become corrupt, arrogant, and flawed that was a theme across several movies. I think this else-world story would make for an excellent comic or book.

Jaina Solo

I wanted to include at least one of the vast amount of amazing characters from the EU books. I considered Jaycen, Anakin Solo, or Ben but they seemed too similar to some of their father figures. I also considered Mara Jade and villains like Darth Talon. However, in the end, Jaina is one of my favorite. She is a Jedi Han Solo. She is fierce and an incredible character. She was the first strong female Jedi character I remembered seeing in Star Wars long before Asoka or Rey existed. If I could summon any character from the EU books into the sequels, it would have been Jaina. She would have been a welcome addition in the Sequels, as like a "sister character" for Rey. As much as it was to see the pain of Han and Leia having a son turn to the dark side, it would have been interesting to see it from the perspective a sibling. Her torn loyalties and everything would have been very interesting. I'm not saying she should have replaced Rey, but her addition would be very interesting. I think she would fit because Rey and her are very different, plus seeing her intereact with Rey would be very interesting. They could have been like adopted sisters and have a very sisterly bond. I feel Jaina's spot would have made for an very interesting and dynamic squad instead of trio for the sequels. I can see so many ways Jaina would have still fit into the sequels. The sequels just needed a few more Jedi characters with them leaving Finn's force sensitivity up to the imagination. I think that it would have taken some of the pressure off of Rey, without the focus lost.

General Grievous

What can be said about this murder machine? He doesn't break the "no droid" criteria I set in the beginning, because he is organic and just a cyborg. While not much is left of his biology, his Brain and vital organs are still organic. I will never forget the build up and pay off the the epic confrontation between Grievous and Obi-Wan in Revenge of the Sith, and as awesome as he was in ROTS, his Clone Wars appearances are even better. I think the unique design and nature of Grievous is what makes him such a enjoyable character. He looks like nothing else we see in the Star Wars universe. His physicality of having four arms and the ability to crawl on six legs like an insect also make him unique. In a universe disproportionally bent to two bi-pedal human-like aliens, Grievous is a fresh and unique standout design. I also think he had some of the best one-liners in the Prequels. When Grievous was finally added to Battlefront 2, I was overjoyed. Crawling around and swinging lightsabers around in a wall of death was just too much fun to leave out.

Dyn Jarren, aka "The Mandalorian"

I will admit, a "Mandalorian Bounty Hunter" show would not have been my first pick for what I would have chosen for the first live action Star Wars show. My initial reaction to the very first announcements and teases was optimistic but average. As we grew closer, my excitement ramped up exponentially and the first trailer arrived. I invited several of my friends over and we watched the very first episode together. Words can barely describe the excitement of that first episode. It was like an unexpected film dropped in our laps at home. Every week Friday's brought us a beautiful new episode. The thing I will say about the main character is that somehow he still manages to be an amazing character, when he *never shows his face, and rarely speaks. On paper, a character like Dyne's Jarren, shouldn't work. Viewers need facial expressions and verbalization to connect with a character. However, "The Mandalorian" does more with a silent stare from a helmet, than some characters can do with full dialogue and expressions. On top of pulling off what shouldn't work, his interaction with "the child" better known as "Baby Yoda" is some of the best.

The absolute wild rise that was the Season 1 finale, the Mandalorian is some of the best Star Wars we've gotten since "No, I am your Father."

Padme Amidala

Padme is still one of my favorites from the prequels, because she is easily one of the more badass non Jedi characters. We see her character go from pacifist senator to fearless warrior very quickly, in the scope of a single battle, the battle of Geonosis. It is also her importance to the overall scope of the story that makes her a favorite. It is her who Anakin falls in love with from the very beginning. Without her, Palpatine would have had far less leverage to seduce Anakin to the Darkside. Had Anakin never started down that road out of fear for her life in a dream, the entire Star Wars story could have been very different. Next to Anakin, Padme has the second greatest impact on the story of Star Wars. Padme held her own in a trilogy of mostly Jedi characters.

Kylo Ren / Ben Solo

In the Force Awakens, Kylo Ren was while admittedly very cool, (his opening scene of stopping a blaster bolt still one of the cooler force powers we have seen). Let's also address his absolutely bad ass saber. I love it. I love the medieval vibes it gives off. However, at first he came off as just "Vader, the sequel". He was at first another bad guy in a mask. However, quickly he became much more. His struggle to live up to the shadow that was Vader actually built his character. As controversial as the Last Jedi was, it did much to develop his character and get us to care about Ben behind the mask. I also think that Kylo Ren gets credit for the second greatest twist in the series, second only to Vader, with the killing of Snake in my absolute favorite sequence form the sequels. The surprise twist, the following battle, and the destruction of the ship are top notch gorgeous.

By the time of Rise of Skywalker, we cared for Kylo Ren, and we cheered for his redemption. When Ben Solo eventually returns, we are happy to see it.

Rey Skywalker

Few characters are as divided amongst fans as Rey. I will admit that the lack of a three movie plan, the write as you go approach the writers and directors took with the sequels hurt Rey's character. Let's be honest, Rey was not planned to be a Palpatine from the very beginning. They will never admit it, but the sequels were written like that game we all played in high school where one person starts drawing something and you pass it around the room until it reaches you to finish it. Some people thought Rey developed to fast and too powerful, calling her a "Mary Sue" I've heard the term used for her so many times, and that attitude does bother me a bit. When compared to Luke who also develops force powers very quickly with no training it just seems unfair. The Force is weird, it is space magic, why does "being good with it" have to make sense. Why can't people accept that some were more powerful than others? Why is Palpatine so strong? What made him special that he is the most powerful baddie in the galaxy? Why are the Skywalkers? I for one enjoyed the three movie mystery set up as to her origins, and I think her lack of explanation was used as a excuse to dismiss her.

While I admit, the directors and writers could have done better, I really credit Daisy Ridley's performance. I want nothing more than books, video games, tv shows, or films to visit the post-TROS era of Star Wars. The show must go on! I will say that I really enjoyed the Palpatine twist for Rey. I went into TROS convinced she was a clone created by Palpatine, and in a weird way I wasn't to far off. Being the daughter of a Clone of Palpatine? Oh that's need to read the Rise of Skywalker novel. There is so much in that book that is missed or implied in the film that I only wish I could have made the Rise of Skywalker 3 hours long.

In the same way that the nonsensical illogical Batman vs Superman was nearly 99% fixed by the uncut version, a JJ Cut of Rise of Skywalker would be amazing.

All in all, I love Rey's character and she is my favorite female character in the franchise. I am definitely on the side of #teamrey

"Starkiller" Galen Malek

My all time favorite Star Wars video game series is the Force Unleashed. To this day, I remember first seeing the very first trailer for it. Watching a Star Destroyer pulled from the sky and landing to the feat of some unknown cloaked figure igniting a red lightsaber. It was just unbelievable. We had never seen such a feat before, and the Force Unleashed games really played with that. We never saw the force used so (please forgive the pun) forcefully? The games treated a Jedi character like an unstoppable telekinetic battering ram. It was a vastly different story than anything seen before. It was the first time we really saw someone fight Vader and Palpatine on their power levels too. I can only hope one day for some Disney magic to come up with Force Unleashed 3. I had the honor of meeting Sam Witwer the voice actor and character model for Starkiller, and he was such a cool down to earth guy.

Obiwan Kenobi

"Hello There!"

Can we stop for a moment and celebrate that we are getting an Obi-wan series set between the prequels and OT? Ewan McGregor IS Obiwan. This could be the greatest piece of Star Wars ever. I will try to keep my hype level under 1 million.

Obi-Wan is such a likable character. We see him as a flawed pad wan turned master, a friend to Anakin. His brother-master relationship with Anakin made him different than all other examples of a Jedi Master so far. Yoda, Qui-Gon, and even old Kenobi, all came off as father or grandfather figures, where as young Kenobi really felt like Anakin's older brother looking out for him. Kenobi first taught us about the Force when we were kids, first introduced us to a lightsaber, and forever taught us that waving ones hand was the key to a Mind Trick.

Anakin said it best. "As wise as Master Yoda, and powerful as Master Windu" What more could be said?


Few characters are as beloved in the Star Wars universe as Yoda. What is also unique about Yoda is he is universally loved by fans. The Star Wars fandom is one that has sides, strong opinions, and characters loved by some and hated by others. I think Jar Jar isn't as bad as everyone made him meme to be. I hate Rose from the Last Jedi and would delete her from canon if I could. Some people hated the Last Jedi thinking it ruined the sequels, others loved it and found it unique. Some people like Rey, others don't. However, I don't think there is a single Star Wars fan who doesn't love Yoda. Everything from his famous method of speaking, to his OT appearances as a hermit who trains Luke, to the Grand Master we meet in the Prequels. I will say my favorite moment for Yoda is the Dooku, Attack of the Clones lightsaber battle. It was the first time we ever saw Yoda weild a lightsaber, and it was absolutely legendary at the time. We never saw the use of the force or a lightsaber battle quite like that before. Also, without Yoda, we wouldn't have gotten the internet meme phenomenon, "Baby Yoda".

Darth Vader / Anakin Skywalker

How could it be anyone else? This is the Skywalker saga after all and we get to see the greatest Jedi warrior in so many amazing mediums such as the prequels, video games, and the Clone Wars. We get to see a painful and emotional tragedy with Anakin's fall to the Darksiders for reasons such as Love, Pride, and Fear. Moreover, though, we get the greatest villain ever put to film. Darth Vader. He is pure evil and yet not. He instills fear with the very weight of him on screen and yet I still want to have Darth Vader pj's. The oddity of having such an evil character be so beloved is a testament to the great creation that is George Lucas' universe. Anakin as a Jedi in the Clone Wars and the Prequels is one of my faovrites, but it is when added to my all time favorite villain that he skyrockets to the top. As great at the original trilogy is in portraying this menacing character, uttering one of the most iconic phrases in film history with the biggest twist in film history, "No, I am your Father!" Vader proved to be an immortal timeless character, but my two favorite Vader moments actually happen outside the main films. The first, is none other than Rogue One. That Vader scene is some of the best film ever put to camera and absolute undeniable proof that we need a post-rots "Rise of Vader" story in some film, game, or tv medium. It would be phenomenal. The rise of Vader era is some of the most intriguing era of Star Wars for me. My second favorite moment comes from last years Jedi Fallen Order. I don't want to spoil any of it; all I will say is that it is the stuff of nightmares.

For more Star Wars news, check out our Star Wars Gi Channel @gi_starwarsinfinite on Instagram, and of course for all things gaming stay right here on Game Infinite

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