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Warfare: Breakout - Game Infinite Review

Reviewed on Xbox One X - Final score 3/10

Warface: Breakout is a broken, unpolished, buggy mess that is neither fun nor worth its price. It should have been a free to play game, listed as an alpha, or perhaps just a new mode for the original Warfare or a free stand alone expansion. It absolutely pales in comparison to its predecessor “Warface” which was superior in every way. I’m usually not very harsh on video games, but this is just shockingly bad.

I called the original Warface a decent free to play Cod substitute, only made by a smaller studio. For a free to play game I was blown away at the vast amount of modes in the game. It had traditional TDM and other common modes. It had a battle royal mode. It had various PVE co-op modes. It was a full complete game with regularly added content. On top of that it featured a decent amount of gun variation, and a host of cosmetics.

Warface: Breakout at launch features absolutely none of those things. The game is the absolute most bare bones game that I don’t fathom how they felt they could charge 20$ for this game. There are very little in ways of gun customization or gun variety. All the guns feel the same. The combat is both floaty and tanky at the same time. There’s practically no cosmetic choices. The worst offense, the game has a single mode. It only features a team bomb defusing mode. The one and only mode is slow and hindered by a lack of respawn that makes the unbalanced gunplay all the more aggravating. You will die and be forced to sit there over and over again. The lack of any killcam only makes the game feel more cheap when you die out of no where. I feel the lack of the most common and simple modes like a TDM makes the game feel one note and boring. Not only does it feature only one mode, so far I have only seen one map. Honestly, the game is so boring and one note it was a chore to play it enough to consider myself ready for the review.

This game is a fraction of the size and value of the original, and arrogantly abandoned the free to play model because I think the developers realized no one is going to want to keep playing it.

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