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Allo_artz - Creator Interview

We first came across Allo_artz during our building of the Godzilla Creator Round Up, and we just loved seeing their amazing Kaiju art. In fact, their art obviously resonated with our followers as their Godzilla was voted best Godzilla Fanart. See their process, journey, and art in this latest Creator Interview Article.

Allo_artz Interview -

Game Infinite: What initially sparked your interest in creating art? Tell us about your artistic journey and share what drew you to these iconic monsters.

Allo: I started my artistic journey very early on in my life. I remember as a  little kid,  my mother bought me the VHS tape of Godzilla King of the Monsters, which starred The Late Raymond Burr. 

Besides the movies I also played the Godzilla Trilogy games , created by Pipeworks Studios and Atari. Those specific memories inspired me alot create artwork related to Kaijus and also just making art in general.

GI: Which kaiju is your favorite to depict, and why? Godzilla is obviously popular, but why is or is he your favorite? Discuss the specific challenges and joys of capturing certain kaiju in your artwork.  


Allo: There are so many kaiju that I love making art pieces of, and there are many more I have to     explore with. However, I can say that the one Kaiju I absolutely love drawing is Kong. He’s just a very versatile monster to draw, and a very expressive Kaiju at that. The more human-like emotions this character gives off makes the artwork I create with him a very fun process to go through. I personally even think he is a more versatile character to work with than Godzilla in some cases. 


GI: How do you approach balancing realism and creativity when portraying these massive creatures? Tell us how you strike a balance between staying true to the source material and infusing your unique artistic flair. 

Allo: When I draw Kaiju related images, I want their weight and mass to be shown in my work. That's why whenever they roar, or cause destruction in my images, I add a lot of Shockwave impacts, smoke and debris whenever they interact with the environment around them.

GI: Tell us about your favorite piece of kaiju art you’ve created. What inspired it? Can you share some insights into your creative process, inspirations, and any interesting anecdotes related to that artwork?

Allo: Currently, My favorite Kaiju art piece i’ve created has to be the Portrait art of Skar King from the Upcoming Godzilla X Kong The New Empire film, I still love this art piece because the more I look at it, the way I finalized Skar Kings appearance, made him look very uncanny and threatening. I definitely feel like that image came out perfectly the way I wanted him to look. One thing I used for reference was looking at how some Manga artists make their characters look very aggressive and intimidating. Two examples of Manga series that inspired the way I draw these Kaiju are Baki Hanma and Attack on Titan. 


GI: What techniques or tools do you find most effective for conveying the sheer scale and power of kaiju? Can you share your preferred mediums, lighting techniques, and composition choices?


Allo: Besides using shockwave impacts, flying Debris, and smoke, The other things I use that I think are very effective in drawing these kaijus are movement lines. The way I draw Kaiju is to have them appear large yet very maneuverable. I’m Personally still working on perspective shots, and I’m trying to improve in that skillset of creating art pieces. Another technique that I use overall in my art pieces is using hatching and crosshatching shading methods. That is the one thing I want to get better at, yet comparing my art pieces now, and art pieces from almost a year ago, I can see the improvement.

GI: Beyond Godzilla and kaiju, are there other genres or characters you enjoy illustrating? What is your versatility as an artist or any crossover interests you might have?

Allo: There are many things outside of kaiju and monsters that I absolutely enjoy making art pieces of, One Genre that I personally think I am more well known for is my PaleoArt. Drawing prehistoric animals and ancient life has been my passion, even before learning and drawing about the kaiju genre. Dinosaurs and Paleontology in general for me was actually a reason I started looking into the Kaiju Genre. However, I definitely make fan art based on other pop culture topics. Currently at this time, I am exploring into the realms of making fan art pieces relating to The Elder Scrolls series. Specifically Skyrim.


Thank you for joining us for another Creator Interview! Make sure to support these amazing artists. If you are (or know of) a creator you would like to see us create an article on, let us know!


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