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Creator Interview - 1u1u.cos

Meet the extraordinary cosplayer @1u1u.cos who brings the magic of diverse worlds to life through their incredible craftsmanship and dedication to the art of cosplay. With a passion for Anime, Genshin Impact, Nier: Automata and many other IP's, this talented individual is a fantastic creator of the cosplay scene, seamlessly embodying characters from various universes with remarkable attention to detail. We discovered them through our Nier Infinite Gi Channel, and just became amazed at their many great cosplays. When "Lulu" agreed to interview with us, we were excited to be able to feature their amazing work in our Creator Interview series and showcase their cosplay, process, and journey.

Some of our personal favorites include their Marin, 2b, Zero Two cosplays. However, they have many many more amazing pieces so we encourage you to check them out on Instagram.

Scroll down to learn more about them, and see some handpicked cosplay creations that theirs and our fans alike are guaranteed to enjoy. All cosplay is shared with permission. Make sure to support the creators involved!

(Photographer: @macabremelodyphoto)

GI: What inspired you to start cosplaying, and how did you choose your first character to cosplay? Tell us about your journey! 

1u1u: When I was 11 years old I discovered Japanese fashion and I started experimenting with that. I

I was so fascinated by it and during that time I was also starting to watch anime and discovered that people dressed up as their favorite character. I really wanted to try it out as well and I started on small handmade projects and going to anime conventions where I discovered a whole community full with amazing cosplayers. It inspired me to pursue cosplay as a hobby and since then I am still enjoying it a lot! My first cosplay was Touka from Tokyo Ghoul re: I think but no one could recognize it because it was from a certain version of the manga art

(Photographer: @macabremelodyphoto)

GI: Can you describe the most challenging aspect of creating or assembling a cosplay costume, and how did you overcome it?

1u1u: Creating costumes can also be mentally difficult as I either might think that I am not able to do it or I do not know how to start working on it, but nowadays there are a lot of materials on the internet to use as a reference. I myself am not the greatest in creating costumes from scratch and often I do buy costumes or parts of it. By assembling costumes it’s important to check if the quality and material fits the costume and how the costume parts fit your body. Taking in extra fabric/material if the cosplay is too big helped me a lot to make the costume more my size. 


GI: For our Nier Infinite Gi Channel community, tell us more about your love for Nier Automata. Your 2b cosplay is amazing! Tell us what it was like to bring such an iconic character to life. 

1u1u: What I loved about Nier Automata or the franchise in general the most was the atmosphere, the way how desolate landscapes come to life with music and interesting set pieces. The lively forests covering old buildings gave me that dystopian setting that is truly so interesting all together with the storytelling. 2B is a character that I never saw myself truly cosplaying because I was not sure if I could capture her mesmerizing appearance but at the end of the day cosplaying is all about fun and I enjoy it so much, hopefully I captured the essence of 2B well in my pictures! 

(Photographer: @jim_dg)

GI: We really enjoy your amazing Marin Kitagawa cosplay! Tell us more about your love of My Dress Up Darling and what inspired you to bring that character to life. Why does she stand out to you? 

1u1u: Thank you so much! I really like the anime and Marin Kitagawa as a character. I could relate so much while I was watching it. The struggle of buying the perfect fabric for a costume or how to apply certain makeup styles to each character or thinking about the poses that I should take during a photoshoot, I think a lot of cosplayers can relate to that haha! Personality wise me and Marin look a lot alike and I knew that I should cosplay her, I love her bubbly personality and her positive energy that she radiates!

GI: Do you have an upcoming project you would like to tease here, or a character you have on your wishlist you want to cosplay in the future? 


There are so many characters that I still want to cosplay but an upcoming project is a Azula from Avatar the last airbender, it has always been a childhood dream of mine to cosplay her. Hopefully in the future I will manage to finish this cosplay project. Another character that I want to cosplay is Terra Branford from Final Fantasy 6 but first I need to research on what kind of material I would like to use or commission someone making parts for me since it is a very detailed costume. 

(Photographer: @winterman_photography)

Thank you joining us in showcasing amazing creators across the cosplay community. Make sure to check out 1u1u and support their work! If you are a creator or know an amazing creator we need to highlight, let us know!


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