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Creator Interview - Dalejomej

We have been huge fans of artist Dalejomej, aka David Alejandro, for quite a while. We first discovered him through our Tomb Raider Interview Gi Channel, and have expanded our following with our main platform. Dalejome brings not just amazing Tomb Raider art, but art from DC, Marvel, and more. We look forward showcasing his amazing talent for our readers.


INSTAGRAM: @dalejomej

DEVIANTART: @dalejomej

Dalejomej Interview -

Gi: Tell us about your journey as an artist, your background, what inspired you to pursue art, and generally about you. 

David: My name is David Alejandro Mejía, I'm from Medellín Colombia, I work as an illustrator and graphic designer.

My journey as an artist began since I was a child. I have been drawing since I was very young, it has always been a way to express myself. My dreams, what I admire, my fantasies, something very personal to me. 

My love for video games is something that has also been present all my life, that's why when I was a teenager I wanted to learn some 3D stuff, I learned a bit of POSER, 3Ds Max and Daz Studio and started posting my renders on Deviantart, this opened some doors for me and I received my first commissions. 

I decided to study graphic design here in my country, and worked as a graphic designer for almost 6 years having very little time to draw or do 3D renders. Art had become a hobby for me, but as time went by I understood that it was not only that, it was part of me and my identity. When I understood that, I made the best decision of my life, I decided that I would become an illustrator. 

I’ve been working as a full time illustrator for more than two years, it has opened doors for me, I learn something new every day, I have met wonderful people and above all it has made me happy.

(Dalejomej Art: Non-Tomb Raider)

Gi: Your portfolio showcases a wide range of fan art, from Tomb Raider to Mortal Kombat and DC characters. What draws you to create art from such diverse franchises, and how do you find inspiration to maintain a consistent quality across these different worlds?

David: I think a lot of the fan art I do is connected to my childhood, all the video games I got to play and all the memories they bring back.

To maintain a good quality, I feel that more than inspiration, it's respect for the source material. 

When I create a new illustration, I always ask myself, "Are you proud of what you drew? Is it something that would be useful for your portfolio?” If the answer is no, I keep working on it until the answer is yes. 

Gi: Your attention to detail in capturing the essence of each character is evident in your fan art. Can you walk us through your creative process? How do you approach translating the iconic elements of characters from different universes into your unique artistic style?

David: My work as a graphic designer has helped me a lot when working with clients and creating fan art.

I see each character as a brand, and each brand has elements that can be modified and others that can't (colors, accessories, facial features, clothing, etc.) I must first investigate what those elements are (talking to the client, looking for references, looking at other artists' interpretations, concept art, etc.).

Once I have the information I need, it is easier for me to start drawing, creating sketches, defining details with the lineart and finally adding the color.

I consider my style as a mix between stylized and realistic, which allows me to play a little bit with that information of the character, add or reduce details if necessary but at the end everything must be recognizable for the client - fan.

Gi: Fanart often involves a personal connection with the source material. Among the various franchises you've depicted, is there a particular character or scene that holds a special place in your heart? Do you have a favorite piece?

David: Of course, Lara Croft, specifically the classic and LAU version, Tomb Raider occupies a giant space in my heart, she was my first muse when I was only 6 years old, when I played TR2 it was like watching an action barbie (beautiful but fierce) and that image will stay with me for the rest of my life. 

I think my favorite piece is The Blue Dress - Tomb Raider Chronicles. I made that illustration for myself, it's how I remember Lara, beautiful, sexy, elegant and fierce

(Tomb Raider Fan Art)

Gi: For our Tomb Raider Infinite fandom, what is it about the Tomb Raider universe and fandom that speaks so much to you and is such a big part of your art? 

David: Being the son of a single mother created an image of women can do it all, a deep admiration.

I was a very feminine and very sensitive child, so I didn't feel very identified with male figures. Then Lara and my mom showed me something different, that I could be sensitive but also brave.

Tomb Raider came into my life at a time when I felt lonely and different, and showed me that I could be fierce, live adventures, look cool lol, without losing my essence, something that no other game had at that time.

Gi: The worlds of gaming, comics, and movies often have dedicated fan communities. How has being a part of these communities influenced your growth as an artist? Have interactions with fellow fans or creators ever led to new ideas or collaborations that you hadn't anticipated?

David: My growth as an artist has been somewhat lonely, I have learned everything on my own, but in the Tomb Raider community I have met a few wonderful people who inspire me and have been very supportive.

I have been lucky to interact on several occasions with two creators from the community - Lito Perezito and Virginia Berrocal, both incredibly talented but above all kind people. With Virginia I had the opportunity to do a collaboration and it was very fun and with Lito I have created a very strong friendship!

Thank you for joining us for our interview with Creator @dalejomej and his art. Consider following him, and follow us on your preferred social media! Let us know what other creators we should showcase here on Creator Interviews or in Creator Round Up! You can support Game Infinite financially and get special discounts HERE.


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