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Creator Interview - @ezysummerscosplay

We are very excited for this next installment of our Creator Interview series. We love featuring talented cosplayers, fan artists, and other creators. Being able to secure the opportunity to feature the absolutely incredibly talented and popular Ezysummers cosplay was incredibly exciting for us. Her talent is next level, and she spans so many IP's that will resonate with our many GI Channel audiences. Embark on a transformative journey through iconic worlds, she seamlessly embodies characters from Tomb Raider's Lara Croft to the 2B of Nier Automata. With the Force as her guide, she ventures into the expansive galaxy of Star Wars and navigates the neon-lit streets of Cyberpunk 2077. Marveling at her versatility, EzysummersCosplay transcends boundaries, bringing to life a wide band of amazing characters from various universes. If you love any of these worlds, or are a fan of high quality cosplay, Ezysummers is a must follow.

Ezysummerscosplay Interview:

Gi: Tell us about your journey into cosplay. What got you into it, and what do you enjoy about it?

(Amazing Misc. Cosplays!)

Ezy: My first experience with cosplay was many years ago when I was really in to Tomb Raider, I made my mom help me with the costume of Lara Croft but of course at that time I did not know about the existence of “cosplay”. I live in a small country you know and things and trends come here really late.

So it was a big journey for me and very exciting too! I still remember how powerful I felt in my first costume. It was something new, something exciting! And I got to be my hero for a day!

Gi: For our Mass Effect Infinite Gi Channel community, we absolutely love your Miranda Cosplay. Tell us about what it is like cosplaying her? What do you love about Mass Effect?

(Mass Effect Cosplay - Miranda Lawson)

Ezy: I’m actually new to Mass Effect and this cosplay happened thanks to my fan base! I got so many requests to cosplay her that it picked my interest. So I was inspired to try out the game beforehand, I’m still playing it because the life of a cosplayer is not easy nowadays but I love such games and most importantly I love cosplaying strong, beautiful women!

Gi: For our Star Wars Infinite Gi Channel community, tell us more about your fantastic Rey Skywalker cosplay! What do you love about the character? What is your favorite thing about Star Wars in general.

(Star Wars Cosplay - Rey Skywalker)

Ezy: Rey became one of my favorite characters when I watched the movies with her, I know many people prefer the old movies, but I actually like everything about Star Wars! I find similarities in the face features with her too so I was inspired to try this look for a long time. But I must say my all time favorite female character is Padme and I still haven’t cosplayed her! I love the universe, I love the characters, my favorite ones are Yoda, Anakin and Han Solo!

Gi: Besides the one mentioned, what are some of your other favorite cosplays?

(Cyberpunk 2077 Cosplay - Panam)

Ezy: Oh, I really enjoy cosplaying from the Cyberpunk universe, anything cyber related is welcome honestly! Games, movies, comics, etc. Another favorite franchise is the Witcher, also Resident Evil, Silent hill, Tomb Raider, the Marvel universe and so on. I mostly cosplay from games as I noticed.

(See @ezysummerscosplay featured often on GI Channels @tombraiderinfinite and @nierinfinite)

Gi: Do you have an upcoming project you would like to tease for our readers? How about some advice to the cosplay community?

Ezy: I still have to finish one of my more complicated costumes because I’m doing it from scratch – Freya from GoW: Ragnarok. I’m actually really impatient to finish it but I do it in my free time. My advice to the cosplay community is – stay positive, be respectful, invite new cosplayers with open heart and arms, treat others how you want to be treated and support each other because we are small community!

Thank for stopping by our Creator Interview and showing your support for Game Infinite and Ezysummerscosplay. Consider dropping them a follow, and check out our Gi Channels for features of amazing creators. If you have a creator you want to see featured, let us know on your favorite social media.


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