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Creator Interview - Samsyndulla

We have been following @samsyndulla for years; and have been enamored by their incredible cosplays, spanning fandoms such as Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Tomb Raider, and more! They have participated in countless Game Infinite events and we are incredibly thankful to have the opportunity to feature them in our popular series of Creator Interviews! Here you can see some of their amazing cosplays, learn about their journey and process, and more!

Samsyndulla has brought to life so many amazing cosplays, and is a well beloved figure in many fandoms, so scroll down to learn in their own words more about them.

All Content shared with permission.

GI: What inspired you to start cosplaying? Tell us about your journey!

Sam: So it’s actually a very funny story. It all started with an Elsa Halloween costume which lead to me to eventually opening a full fledged Party Princess company and a Charity Wish Program. I started to eventually venture off into the world of cosplay after a bunch of Harley Quinn Suicide Squad pictures leaked. A bunch of friends and family said they mistaken her for me.I’m a huge Margot Robbie fan and I was obsessed with Harley since her first appearance on Batman The Animated Series. I just knew I had to make it happen for that Halloween to surprise everyone , which lead to wearing it to New York Comic Con 2016, and behold .. a true cosplayer is born.

(Star Wars Cosplay)

GI: Star Wars is a big part of your cosplay brand. For Star Wars Infinite, our Star Wars Gi Channel community, can you tell us what Star Wars means to you? Why do you love Star Wars so much? Who is your favorite character to cosplay.

Sam: Star Wars has always had a huge presence in my growing up. My mom is a huge Star Wars fan and used to take me to triple features at our local theater. Princess Leia was just so fierce and sassy. The story was so captivating and as I got older I appreciated it even more. Watching this group of rebels fight for freedom was just so inspiring. Especially seeing a woman who was a “princess” do both. I eventually got into the prequels, Clone Wars & Star Wars Rebels. It’s no surprise with the name Sam Syndulla that Hera Syndulla really resonated with me the most. She’s a pilot (which I take classes towards my license). She’s the Captain of a very tight group that is fighting for a greater cause (which I’d like to believe I am the same way my charity organization the NY Avengers). She’s also very mothering, which being that I work with children 7 days a week (I teach special needs pre-k & own a business centered around children). She just really reminds me of myself. She’s by far my favorite character to cosplay. It’s also such a challenge every single time doing the make up and getting ready, I feel like it challenges all my skills as a cosplayer. Cosplaying Hera has also lead to me have a wonderful friendship with her voice actress Vanessa Marshall. I wouldn’t trade that for the world.

(Tomb Raider Cosplay)

GI: For Tomb Raider Infinite fans, our Gi Channel community, tell us more about your love for Lara Croft. You’re Tell us what it was like to bring such an iconic character to life.

Sam: I love Lara Croft. I loved playing Tomb Raider growing up. I also LOVE Angelina Jolie’s version because she’s one of my favorite actresses of all time. Bringing Lara to life was definitely very high on my cosplay bucket list. I actually did 4 versions of her. I did two versions from the game & two from the movie.

(Superhero Cosplay - Marvel & DC)

GI: We really enjoy your amazing Wonder Woman cosplay. You have a lot of amazing DC and Marvel characters. Can you tell us what it is about Superhero cosplay that appeals to you?

Sam: Cosplaying superheroes has become a second nature to me after all these years. Being the founder of the NY Avengers we suit up once our twice a month for severely ill, trauma stricken children & community events.

I absolutely love Marvel & DC. Cosplaying Superheroes really broke me into the cosplay scene. To me establishing the NY Avengers is one of my greatest accomplishments especially turning the organization into a 501 (C) 3 this year. Wonder Woman was always a role model growing up and getting to cosplay her always feels like the first time. I feel extremely strong and & confident, as I do with most of the other superheroes I cosplay, especially Captain Marvel.

GI: Do you have an upcoming project you would like to tease here, or a character you have on your wishlist you want to cosplay in the future?

So you can expect a certain Rebels project I’m putting together in 2024. I also am planning on doing another character from the Ahsoka show who’s not a Rebel … and let’s just say you’ll be seeing Harley again, in a different more superhero way.



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