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Creator Round Up - Godzilla!

We are kicking off a new strategy in 2024 with a goal of monthly creator features, mirroring in a small way our Best of, Events. Each month we will pick a character or franchise to be the theme of Creator Round Up and a Creator Poll Series. For February, we are celebrating everyone's favorite Kajiu.

We have amazing cosplay and fan art this month, as well as winners of those picked by viewer voting for Best Godzilla's. Make sure to show some love for these amazing creators by dropping some follows and likes on social media! Come back next month for a new theme for Creator Round Up and Creator Polls.

@mrmattzan - Fan Artist

We love Mrmattzan's take on Shin Godzilla, and their use of bright colors. Usually Godzilla art is darker, so this bright pink art piece really stood out nicely.

@jaros428 - Fan Artist

We absolutely loved Jaros's classic take on Godzilla. This piece is powerful and shows Godzilla's menacing pose. The glow behind him really showcases Godzilla's outline in a way that a darker background would not.


Allo_artz has so many amazing Kaiju pieces that it was hard to pick just a few favorites. They already have Godzilla x Kong art with Godzilla rocking his new Pink Form, and of course some Skar.

@nekkyousagiart - Fan Artist

This Minus One inspired piece from nekkyousagiart is incredible, recreating a terrifying moment of Godzilla. This scene in particular is extra powerful, and makes for inspiring art.

@benedickbana - Fan Artist

@benedickbana has a very particular style of mech based art that is very distinct, and when we saw their take on Mechagodzilla we just knew that we had to include them in Round Up. I love this darker, almost mystical take on a traditionally very mechanical character.

@mangoloo.cos - Cosplayer

Godzilla is a particularly hard character to cosplay as. His size, scope, body style, armor, all make for an especially challanging cosplay. I didn't expect to find many or any cosplayers for this article, but mangaloo proved me wrong when I found their human like take on the character. We thought they did an incredible job.

@projnautiluscos - Cosplayer / COMMUNITY VOTED! - BEST GODZILLA COSPLAY

I swear to Godzilla this is an actual cosplay. You might not believe me and think that this is very detailed statue or figure. But I promise you that this is an incredibly detailed full sized suit with a person in it walking around. You can go to their social media to find clips of them walking in the suit. This is far beyond anything I expected to see, and truly something to see! Check out projnautiluscos for this amazing Godzilla cosplay.

@helloreg - Fan Artist

Helloreg delivered an incredible Godzilla piece, focused on one of the most iconic and recognizable moments from minus one. We enjoy their art style as well, as this really is a unique and fun style.

@nospaceship - Cosplayer

Nospaceship blends film realism and human style into one, with a truly powerful and unique take on the difficult Godzilla cosplay. This really reminds me of a Powersuit or Powerranger style cosplay in Godzilla form. If Ironman was also a Kaiju, this would be it; and I love the result.

@nico_artoooo - Fan Artist

Long time fan and friend of the Game Infinite platform, Nico_artoooo returns once again to Creator Round Up, this time with Godzilla. Nico is a State of Gaming Panelist and frequent featured artist in our various events. I had already started prep for this Godzilla theme when I saw that Nico was dropping a Godzilla art; and I was excited to bring them back with this amazing piece.

Thank you for stopping by our Creator Round Up! Make sure to drop some follows for any creators here you enjoyed! If you would like to see us feature a particular creator or a particular theme you would like to see, let us know in the comments on this social post, or send us a DM!


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