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Creator Round Up: Nier Automata

In our next Installment of Creator Round Up we are taking on one of my favorite franchises and communities, the Nier franchise. No matter how many fan artists or cosplayers you support, if you are a gamer, you have most likely come across this universe. 2b and Nier has crossed over with so many games that few characters have more crossovers. Additionally, 2b is one of the most popular characters to cosplay and draw. We absolutely love this universe, and it has gone on to inspire so much creativity in the gaming community.

We have a dedicated Gi Channel devoted to daily Nier cosplay, fan art, news, and other content! We have partnered with just a short list of the amazing creators in this community to feature for you today. Also scroll down to see some exciting Nier merchandise we have for you!

These creators have not paid for this feature and may or may not be affiliated with Game Infinite. Some creators may be GiFreinds members, but GiFriends is a free program. Content used with permission. Content is not featured in any particular order.

This List is a collection, in NO PARTICULAR ORDER. This IS NOT a ranking.

@Luchidart - Fan Artist

Luchi has done an absolutely amazing job designing some of our Gi Channel Profile Picture arts. Their art is the main for our Mass Effect Infinite and Final Fantasy Infinite pages, and we couldn't be happier with how they turned out. In addition to this amazing art they drew for us, they regularly put out absolutely amazing pieces including their love of Nier content. We definitely think you should follow them for more amazing 2B content!

@hiro_yorha - Cosplayer

We absolutely are dumbfounded by the phenomenal Nier cosplay dropped by Hiro. They not only deliver amazing cosplay, but they always do incredible shots and poses that represent the character.

@jaywanmei - Photographer

Jaywanmei is a fantastic cosplay photographer, who always deliver amazing cosplay photography that brings to life these Nier characters with incredible poses and shots. If you are a Nier cosplayer, definitely support or use Jaywanmei!

Check out these featured cosplayers: @roxolana_ridel, @natariya_sama

Photographer Quote: "I've been doing cosplay photography for 9 years, and I love it because of different styles, colors and mood it can be. I'm a cosplayer myself for 15 year but now I prefer to do the photography..."

@joasdrawings - Fan Artist

Joas Drawing has one of our many favorites of 2b art, having just nailed the atmosphere and vibe of 2b. We love their art, and definitely think you should check their catalogue out.

@_I1mitedxin - Cosplayer

_I1mitedxin always drops amazing 2b art with fantastic backgrounds and power poses that really excel and deliver on the strength of the character.

@meka.bunni - Cosplayer

Meka Bunny always does funny and kawaii 2b self cosplays that we just adore. She has a unique style that is instantly recognizable as hers.

We absolutely are HUGE fans of cutebutpsycho as never fails to drop exciting cosplays. Her 2b and Kaine style cosplay is two of many cosplays of hers that we enjoy. She is a super supportive creator and we love having her in the Nier Infinite fam.

@jurisdictia - Cosplayer

No one does "Street Nier" better than Jurisdictia. While many cosplayers and artists do traditional iterations of our beloved Nier universe, Jurisdictia absolutely excels art a more modern-esque street style of her many amazing Nier characters. This is more than "casual cosplays" but she manages to bring the Nier style into more complex cosplays that still feel like the Nier universe.

@aniwiicosplay - Cosplayer

Aniwiicosplay is another cosplayer that we really enjoy following in the Nier community who always delivers incredible 2b. We also love their choice of background and setting, always delivering that post apocalyptic vibe.

@yumidun - Cosplayer

Photographer Credit(s): @lovijphotography,,

Yumidun always brings amazing cosplay, and we love supporting them across our various Gi Channels. In the Nier fandom they really deliver fun and exciting Kaine and Zero cosplays that really just are phenomenal.

@adelhaid_cosplay - Cosplayer

Adelhaid is another cosplayer that has brought amazing cosplays across our Gi Channels, and we are honored to have them featured on Nier Infinite. In addition to her amazing 2B cosplay, we also absolutely love her Tomb Raider cosplay on TR Infinite.

@light_cosplayart - Cosplayer

Light_cosplayart is ONE TO FOLLOW. Her cosplays are just amazing, and she always delivers incredible settings, poses, and set pieces. We love the shot with the Nier style machine. She's is a must follow for any Nier fan.

@jean.himura - Cosplayer

Jean.himura is an avid supporter of Nier Infinite, and has supplied us with incredible 2b art for a long time. We always enjoy their incredible talent. Our favorite is her orchestra / music theme cosplay shot.

@nico_artoooo - GiFriends, Fan Artist

#GiFriends Nico_artoooo is an amazing artist who really enjoy following and supporting for a long time. They have done several incredible commissions for us, and we absolutely love their style. They have drawn so many amazing characters for us with their Mass Effect and Power Girl and Infinite Girl our OC. His latest Nier fan art with Kaine is one of our favorites of his to date. This ultra detailed and high quality close up portrait is just phenomenal and intricate.

@xarinesca - Fan Artist

We really enjoy Xarinesca's style, especially their anime / chibi sticker art for 2b. They really do excel in beautiful settings and backgrounds as well as bringing an elegant vibe to Nier art.

@unitato_cosplay - Cosplayer

Unitato produces some absolutely incredible 2b cosplay with their phenomenal prop work and settings. They have used some oversized monster hunter worthy swords, to set scenes that are just wallpaper worthy for any Nier fan. We were excited to partner with them to bring their incredible 2b to our feature.

BONUS: Game Infinite Store - Nier Automata Merchandise! Support our Platform!

We absolutely love the Nier universe here at Game Infinite, which is why we are excited we have a dedicated Nier section on the New Gi Store! We have some amazing 2b figures, cosplays, and wall art pieces for you to choose from! Check out the Nier section of the Gi Store here

If you are a Nier fan and have her missing from your collection, you definitely should consider getting her for your desk or collection of figures. We support a lot of cosplayers here on Game Infinite platform, and if you have always wanted a 2b cosplay, but haven't pulled the trigger yet, now is the time to give her a try and rock everyone's favorite android.

We also have an amazing large wall are multi piece that is a must have for any Nier mega-fan's game room!

(Nier Automata Wall Art on the Gi Store)


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