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Dekomores - Creator Interview

A new year, and that means even more new creators to highlight and feature. Last year we launched our Creator Interivew series alongside our existing Creator Round Ups for one on one special features. We are kicking off our first Creator Interview with an incredibly talented and amazing creator in Dekomores. Deko's cosplay is just superb quality, and they always deliver amazing content. We enjoyed featuring them in our recent Best of 2023 Event where they were nominated for Best Nier Cosplay 2023. We can't wait to do future collaborations with them in the future.

See their cosplay, journey, process and more below!

From amazing cosplays from Nikke, Nier Automata, Genshin Impact and more, we are super excited to showcase them below.

(Misc. Cosplays) Photography Credits:,

GI: What inspired you to start cosplaying, and how did you choose your first character? Why does cosplay appeal to you?


Deko: At the beginning I started in Lolita Fashion, but sometimes I also did cosplay. I liked creating kind of “fictional characters” through lolita outfits, but then it became regular clothing to wear every day, so I wanted to try something new. I am passionate about bringing characters to life, thus this is how I started cosplaying regularly. Taking my cosplay journey from the very beginning, the first one was Chii (Chobits) in the cute lolita dress. 

GI: Can you share a challenging or memorable experience you've had while working on a cosplay project?

Deko: I always challenge myself with temperature. When it comes to cosplay, I want to find aesthetic locations. Snowy ones inspire me a lot. That is why every year I take an ice-cold shower for a long period of time to harden myself before winter photo shoots. I remember when I cosplayed Shenhe at -16, it was fun.

(GI: I think taking that is one of the most bad ass answers I've ever gotten to this type of question. Deko gets major props for this dedication to their craft.)

GI: How do you balance staying true to a character's design and adding your unique interpretation or personal touch to your cosplays?

Deko: I always get into the characters when I cosplay. Moreover, I am passionate about choosing clothing which I associate with the character or do cosplay based on art with different outfits. By combining it with my acting I can bring fantasies into real life without deviating from the concept of the character. 

GI: What techniques or skills have you developed through cosplaying, and how do they contribute to your overall growth as a person and artist?

Deko: Since I am an artist, I had certain skills in selecting the right frame and posing, as well as trying to sew since childhood. However, during this cosplay year I still learned a lot: the wig styling was completely new for me and I tried to make much complicated crafts, such as weapons. This experience is irreplaceable.

(2b Cosplays) Photography Credits (Wedding): @ph_chibiasya

GI: For our Nier Infinite fans, we would love to know more about your love for 2b and the Nier universe. What do you love about 2b? What inspires you most about the character?

Deko: I saw 2B in another game from Yokotaro SiNoAlice and she caught my eye with her design. Later my friend made me play this game, because I sometimes saw streamers playing it and always wanted to try. I was amazed by the wonderful Nier world, its storytelling and lore. In fact, I played this game during my most difficult period in my life, it saved me. I was inspired by the lore, universe and characters, I was really filled with them, especially 2B. She is the best for me: she is convenient to play, has a strong character development and past story. 

(Deko was nominated for Best Nier Cosplay in our Game Infinite Best of 2023 Event. Fans loved her incredible take on the character.)

GI: Do you have any upcoming projects or wishlist characters you can share, that our fans can look forward to in the future? 

Deko: After a long break, I am planning to make a great variety of content especially on Nier and NIKKE games. Also I am planning to do a few difficult projects in terms of crafting and sewing. Moreover, I would like to make my own design of 2B and sew the costume, but for now I prefer not to look too much into the future.

(GI: We really enjoyed this interview and feature. Deko is an incredibly cool creator to follow and seeing their process and inspiration takes enjoying their cosplay to a whole new level. Their use of setting, props, and framing, all just showcase the quality that they deliver. We can't wait to see more of their content in the future!)

Thank you for supporting our creator friends with these feature articles. If you are or know of a creator you would like to see featured, send us a DM. Make sure to check out Deko on her Instagram.


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