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Dragoncon 2023 - Recap

I had an absolutely great time at Atlanta's biggest con, Dragoncon 2023. I only wish I was able to attend more days and meet more amazing creators. However, I was able to meet some incredible cosplayers and celebrity guests. Due to some time constraints, I wasn't able to meet as many creators or make it to artist alley, as I normally would at a con like this; however, I was still able to meet some incredible creators.

In addition to the amazing cosplayers, there were two guests I got to meet and get autographs from... I was incredibly excited for these guests.

I got the opportunity to meet Anson Mount who plays Captain Pike on Star Trek Strange New Worlds. I am a lifetime fan of Star Trek so it was an honor to meet my first Captain. Strange New Worlds is I think the best of modern trek, so it was cool to meet him.

Additionally I am a huge fan of a sci-fi channel show Eureka from the late 2000's. I watched Eureka as a teenager and just loved the show. It is fun, goofy, charming, and never took itself too seriously. I really feel the 2000's was just the best era of television. Back then, it feels like quality mattered more. Now streaming services reign and often it feels like quantity over quality. Now, We get 20 new shows and 19 are cancelled. This show was really good, and even more, the CGI still holds up today. The main protagonist is Sheriff Carter played by Colin Ferguson. I have to say while sometimes Guests at these conventions don't always seem excited to be there, he really did. He was making jokes with the line manager. He seemed genuinely happy to meet guests. I asked him if they were ever going to make more Eureka. He told me he wants to make a Eureka movie crossed over again with Warehouse 13 (another fantastic show from that era). I would 1000% be down for that if it ever gets made.


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