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Game Infinite's Most Anticipated Games of 2024 (and beyond)

2024 is coming, and it is looking to be an absolute monster of a year.

This is by far not a definitive list, it is just my personal opinion. There might be games here you don't care about, or games missing that top your list. Tell us on social media what your most anticipated games are! As always, delays are always inevitable so not all games on this list are guaranteed to release in 2024. Due to the ever increasing nature of delays and launch windows, this list includes any game that has been officially announced, but it does not necessarily need a release date. This year looks to be absolutely massive, to the point that we have some heavy hitters in the high twenties and thirties because there are just that many amazing games in the pipeline. Let us look forward at 2024 and beyond at games we can't wait to play. Also, tell us on social media what your most anticipated game of 2024 is! One thing that did impress me while building this list, is just how many games did finally manage to release in 2023. With so many delays and games stuck in ever shifting release dates, I actually got to delete a lot of games from this list, due to games actually finally dropping. This is the freshest iteration of this series in a long time with the majority of the games dropping off and adding new titles! Many former spots on this list finally released in 2023. Some were disappointing; some were amazing. But here, we are looking forward!

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29. Crimson Desert (2023+ Likely Release)

(Update 2021 - Post E3 2021. With no news at E3 2021, I have little expectation of this game coming out in 2021)

Original Post:

I was really disappointed by Black Desert. From the beautifully obscured graphics hidden from an insanely messy and overcrowded HUD, to boring gameplay and combat, I just couldn't get into it. Which is such a shame because I anticipated it so much, and to this day has one of the best character creators and character models I have seen. Crimson Desert is their next game, and looks even more amazing than Black Desert. Hopefully the beautiful gameplay we have seen so far won't be hidden by a screen full of HUD garbage, and will feature more natural feeling and active combat.

28. Destiny 2: The Final Shape

I am so hopelessly behind on Destiny 2, and every time I get caught up, I feel like two new huge expansions drop. I got caught up to Witch Queen, and then Light Fall dropped and here we are already expecting The Final Shape. I love Destiny 2, and cant wait to get caught up again. I just have it high on this list, because I have an entire expansion in my way towards it.

27. Blue Protocol

Blue Protocol is a exciting upcoming anime style game that caught my eye when i first saw the first trailer. It got a delay out of 2023, pushing it into 2024. This is one to check out.

26. Princess of Persia The Lost Crown

(Released as of time of this article drop) Prince of Persia is the first one on this list to release in 2024, launching already in January. This one may have been a surprise announcement, but early impressions have been very positive.

25. Exodus

I about got out of my seat when Matthew McConaughey came out on stage at the 2023 Game Awards and shared he was going to be in a video game, and started describe how in this game, time moves differently and time will be passing differently for him than the rest of civilization. I couldn't contain myself and even said, "If he is about to announce 'Interstellar: The Video Game', I am going to lose my mind". He being who he is, announcing a game with the tease he did made me sure this was that. It turned out to not be, but that's ok. Exodus is a scifi new IP that looks incredible, and everything I love. Scifi. Space. Time. This one looks insane! I have this one high up the list as we just know so little about it, but I can easily see this one rocketing towards the #1 as we get more details.

24. OD

We already knew that Hideo Kojima was working on a new, experimental cloud based project unlike anything done before, in addition to Death Stranding 2. We still know very little about this game/movie hybrid other than promises from Hideo and Peele that it is unique; but now we know the title "OD" along with a hint at it's horror setting and use of "meta human" technology with hyper realistic human faces.

The only reason this game doesn't rank very high is because I already was very excited for one of Kojima weird projects (Death Stranding) and I hated, HATED it. So he has a lot to prove to me that this thing will be actually enjoyable. Another game I have high up the list as we know so very little about it; This isn't even a real trailer. It is resting on the hype and pedigree alone.

23. Jurassic Park: Survivor

One of the most exciting things for me at the 2023 Game Awards was this announcement. As a life long Jurassic Park fan, I was incredibly blown away at the news of a new JP game that was something other than a park building sim.

22. Princess Peach

I have been looking forward to a Peach game for a long time, as most of the major Nintendo characters have gotten major game releases so far, and I have enjoyed them so far. Hopefully Princess Peach will launch closer to rumors of a Switch 2 finally arriving, so that it can be enjoyed on better hardware.

21. Star Wars Outlaws

This will be a little negative for a "most anticipated list", but I feel the way I feel, and promise to still give this game a fair shot. It's on this list after all.

Ubisoft is the company that I think has the size, skill, and funding to pull off the potential GOTY Shoe-in that is a game that every star wars fan wants. There is a game that seems so obvious to make, so easily what the fans want, that I was really hoping Ubisoft was going to be the ones to make it. They didn't.

It is past time we got a massive create your own adventure RPG set in the Star Wars universe. Fans want a modern game where we get to create our own character, choose their faction and class and go on a semi non-linear story. Will you be a Red Sith Twilek? Will you be a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter? Will you be a Jedi? A Smuggler? Will you have a crew? A love interest? Give me Mass Effect in Star Wars. Give me a full RPG? I don't want to hear about decade's years old MMO's. I'm talking about a Star Wars RPG today.

Imagine the collective dissappointment myself and many fans felt when we saw that Ubisoft was giving us YET ANOTHER premade human character set in the Age of the Empire. This timeframe is so over told it is becoming the World War II of the Star Wars universe. We have thousands of years to choose from and star wars creators keep picking the same 20 year period. It's boring and over done. Give us the New Republic? High Republic? Old Republic? Hell, we haven't gotten a Clone Wars era game in a long time either. Star Wars fans are STARVED for games, having a dozen cancelled projects in the past 10 years, with the three most recent ones being with a premade character set during the rein of the Empire.

To be 100% clear, I don't care that the character is a female. I enjoys lots of games with female protagonists. I don't care that this isn't a jedi story. I just wanted a different game that is a DECADE OVER DUE. This was the wrong game to make, and I almost dont care if it ends up being good. It looks ok. It's just very much Call of Duty 27 in terms of I've seen this already a dozen times I wanted something fresh. I am very much not the only one with this sentiment. It ranks low on the list for this reason, but it is still Star Wars. I will be the first to admit if I'm wrong and this game is amazing. I'll give it a chance, but Ubisoft still missed an huge opportunity during a time when they need a win. Had ubisoft bothered to ask a single fan what they wanted, I don't think they would have made this game.

20. Perfect New World Online

Every year I see a minor trend of at least one or two fantasy mmo's come and go. Sometimes they are japanese or chinese in origin and setting, and sometimes are a little similar. Some of them are mobile ports or just double A experiences. Some are actually pretty fun but maybe fail to attract the audience they need to survive. I will be honest that in some ways Perfect New World Online has some of those similarities, and may not end up great. But there are some aspects to it that still intrigues me. I think it could be a hidden gem worth playing. I believe in a "don't judge a game too much before playing" attitude, and I am still interested by some of the gameplay and character designs. The world looks interesting.

19. Lost Soul Aside (2024+ Likely Release)

(Update Early 2024: 2023 at the very least came and went with an updated trailer. This one has been long in development, and hopefully we will get launch news this year.)

(Update Early 2023: Still not much word on this game in a long time, but my hopes for an update soon remain.)

(Update 2022: Initially put on my radar in 2020, now into 2022, I haven't seen much of anything about this interesting looking Fantasy game. That being said, hopefully we get some word this year. )

Original Post:

Apparently this game has been announced for like 3 years, and it completely skipped my radar. I want to thank my friend, former #GiFriends streamer, and fellow gaming news blogger REDXMAUDE for introducing me to this awesome game. It gives me some Final Fantasy, Code Vien vibes. It is a really cool looking open world jrpg, and it is now on my list. What is interesting is this started out as a one man developer, but interest picked up turning it into a larger team making the game.

18. Foamstars

Splish Splash I was takin a bath... Foamstars is another upcoming game that I have had the opportunity to already try, having played the Beta back in 2023. I must say that I really enjoyed my limited times with hands on this Splatoon-Fortnite-Soapy Mayhem. I like the character designs, the art style, the gameplay, and the location settings. It was fun, and I can't wait to try it out again on February 6th. My only concern with this is so far Playstation has not had a great track record with exclusive live service titles. There have been a few of these live service titles that launched exclusive on PS5 that have already shut down. Launching this type of game with a premium upfront cost and exclusive to Playstation makes me worry about player count keeping this game alive. Playstation has delayed half the live service games in it's pipeline, and Square Enix isn't exactly on a winning streak right now.

Hopefully this game can deliver and stay alive in the bottle neck and capture fans. It will be free with Playstation Plus so that will help with player counts at launch.

17. Zenless Zone Zero

Another Scifi-Genshin game, ZZZ was announced right after Star Rail with even more anime scifi action. This one more grounded, but still featuring giant mechs and other sci-fi elements. I love this art style, anime, and sci-fi settings, so two is better than one? The real question will just be which of these two will be better? Honkai Star Rail made it onto our Top 10 2023 list, so hopfully ZZZ will follow with quality.

16. Perfect Dark (2023+ Likely Release)

(Update Early 2024: No news on this one in quite a while. Word of internal development difficulties and delays has fans worried, but I am still eager for an update on this one!)

(Update Mid 2022: Xbox brought in a second team, Crystal Dynamics, to help The Initiative in working on the game. Usually when a second team is brought in it is because there is some kind of development trouble. Perhaps the scope of the game was proving too big, or some other delay was dragging the project. There is even rumors of a soft reboot of development behind the scenes which could spell longer delays. Since then we have seen many important and higher up developers from Initiative quit the project, further adding to this appearance of trouble behind the scenes. Right now it looks more like Crystal Dynamics is mostly developing with Initiative simply aiding, instead of the other way around. We still having heard of much of anything since pre-Summer events 2022. Hopefully we will get an update soon, and the project can back on track.)

(Update 2021 - Post E3 2021. With no news at E3 2021, I have little expectation of this game coming out in 2021)

Original Post: When Xbox revealed a Perfect Dark remake/reboot was coming, I was really excited. This was one of those franchises that I always regretted missing back in the day but has since aged out of my ability to appreciate it the way I would have back then. It's too old to play and appreciate, so a remake return is just what I wanted. We don't know much about the game with just a cinematic trailer at the time of writing, but I really look forward to playing this series with modern visuals.

15. Code Syn (2023+ Likely Release)

(Update Early 2024: There's definitely some possible vaporware on this list...SYN has had no mention or update in years. Not all developers have super transparent development but still. It looked cool. I have it on my list... for now. But will it ever release? I might just take this one off the list eventually.)

(Update 2022: I've heard nothing about this game since putting it on the list, and it's been a while. 2021 came and went without any news that I saw, so my hopes for 2022 release window announcement is small. However, with the absolute failure that was Cyberpunk 2077, many indie games capitilized on the unexpected genre vacuum that was left in its failure. However, those were all 2D or isometric, so I would love a full 3D cyberpunk game.)

Original Post

Tencent is trying to become the Disney of games as they slowly buy ownership of many major studios and most recently announced new AAA studios in the US. They got a little bit of flack by some for this trailer as some believed it to be a Cyberpunk 2077 ripoff, but honestly, I think that the artistic style of Cyberpunk has room for more games. I thought this game looked more fun than some other outlets initial impressions. I am always down for another good sci-fi RPG. This one let's you have a giant cybernetic pet bear. If that doesn't peak your interest, watch the trailer for yourself and see what you think.

14. Star Wars: Hunters (2024+ Likely Release)

(Update Early 2024: Where the hell is this game? It looked "almost done" years ago, and it was supposed to release years ago? What is it about Star Wars games that make them so D@MN hard to get across the finish line? Such a profitable and popular IP should be printing money but for some reason seems to be a curse on developers. KOTOR remake is all but confirmed cancelled. Eclipse has rumors of cancelling or development hell. EA burned so many Star Wars projects. What is GOING ON? I need Jawa's standing on top of each other and a Jedi Droid!) Original: This game is either going to be a major success, a blast to play, and a total win; or it is going to be a complete disaster. I feel this in the Force itself. I would rank it higher but being a mobile and switch only title is a red flag to me, on top of Zynga's reputation that this game could be a micro transaction filled nightmare that makes Battlefront II look tame in comparison. I think that is why Zynga is sticking to the mobile and switch space because why else would they avoid the PC, Xbox, Playstation markets with such a profitable license such as Star Wars? Star Wars is too valuable to skip platforms, so there must be a reason for it. However, it is still Star Wars, and it looks fun what little we have seen so far. It certainly looks unique with new never really touched on character types such as playable Jawas and a Robot Jedi?

13. Hades II

A game on many top 10 lists including ours, many GOTY nominees, made by a studio that never does sequels, is GETTING A SEQUEL. Hades II looks to deliver on all the amazing art style and gameplay of the original, but with a fresh take and new protagonist. I was shocked and excited thoroughly by this news.

12. One Punch Man: World

One Punch Man is my all time favorite Anime and Manga to date. It has received multiple games so far, but they have been limited to mobile or fighters. This is the first "full" action game set in the universe, and I couldn't be more excited. Hopefully the quality will match where this IP deserves.

11. SpyxAnya: Operation Memories

Another Anime that I absolutely love is Spy x Family, and seeing it get a video game adaptaion really excited me. Yor has quickly become a beloved character for anime fans. I would love for her to get a full 3D action game, going on assassinations. This game seems a little simpler than that, focused on Anya. However, anything set in this universe is worth trying out.

10. Project Mugen

Project Mugen swept fans off their feet when revealed as a what many people were calling an "Anime Spider-man" game as this Genshin-esque anime style game brings in the swinging mechanics of the Playstation Insomniac Spider-man games, and it looks incredible.

9. Duet Night Abyss

There is a good possibility you have never heard of this game. It's announcement just seem to come out of nowhere, and I am someone who is pretty knee deep in gaming news every day and I still missed it's initial reveal. I've seen some call it "Anime Warframe". To me it looks interesting and could be a sleeper hit of 2023 if done right. I ranked this very high, despite its relatively unknown state, because watching the gameplay just convinced me this is a game I want to play.

8. Tomb Raider I-III Remastered

As a big fan of the Tomb Raider franchise and a member of that fan community, I can say that all of us are starving for anything Tomb Raider. With the Vikindar film sequel cancelled, and the next mainline game going through a bit of a transition with Square Enix selling Crystal Dynamics to Embracer Group (who now is mass canceling and shutting down projects) the future of Tomb Raider has been cloudy for a while. Yes we are getting a netflix anime project...but fans want a new game. After years of pleading, fans are getting a Remastered collection of the original trilogy. The decision to remaster the older original trilogy insteaad of the newer LAU collection was an odd one to me, but at the end of the day, I will take more Tomb Raider.

7. The First Descandant

This is the highest ranking game on this list that I have actually had the ability to play early. In 2023, we got our hands on the beta before it's 2024 release, and I absolutely loved my time with the game. The world, the character models, the gameplay, were all incredible.

6. GTA VI - 2025 Confirmed Release

I don't think there's much to say about GTA 6 that hasn't already been said. Graphically it is one of the most impressive games on any upcoming list. It looks so impressive, and what we know about it is jut unbelievable. It is the only game on this list with a confirmed 2025 release it may push the spirit of this list, but it is "2024 and Beyond". GTA 6 will most likely sweep every award and break all sales records when it finally releases. I predict many games will move their release dates away from this game as no one will want to release alongside this behemoth.

5. Wonder Woman (2024+ Likely Release)

I can't believe that Wonder Woman is finally getting her own video game! All we have to go off of so far is a cinematic teaser that only shows the art style and character model. I think we are entering a golden age of mainstream high quality super hero games, and it is time for Wonder Woman to have her shot.

4. Stellar Blade (Formerly Project Eve) (2024+ Likely Release) MOST ANTICIPATED NEW IP

(Update Early 2024: Missing its 2023 release window, Stellar Blade is actually one of the few games on this previous list that was supposed to release in 2023 that didn't. I took many games off this list that released, but Stellar Blade remains. It remains my most anticipated new IP, and a game we can't wait to get our hands on. This scifi game gives me Nier vibes and looks incredible.)

(Update Early 2023: We have an official name! Project Eve is now Stellar Blade!)

(Update 2022: With an updated trailer in 2021, I still hold out hope for a release window announcement in 2022. While, the rest of the games on this list are sequels or standing on existing IP's / existing universes, Project EVE has special note of being my most anticipated new IP as of 2022.)

You probably haven't even heard of this game, which is why I understand if this unknown title surprises you for ranking so high on my list. However, If you haven't heard of this game you must watch the trailer. It promises some of the best graphics and photo realistic character models. The detail on the character's face is just so impressive. This looks like next generation more than anything I have seen so far. Plus the gameplay looks much like Nier Automata meets Bayonetta. With amazing graphics, fluid gameplay, and more, it ranks ultra high for me.

3. Star Wars Eclipse (2023+ Likely Release)

(Update Early 2024: Star Wars Eclipse dropped and I was on my feet excited. However, we haven't heard a peep about it since its reveal. There are have been rumors of development stuggles and hiring problems at the studio. There have been rumors that the game is cancelled, or just stuck in inactive development. This game could be forever away, but that being said, it still ranks high for me, because this trailer is a work of art. For now...I guess I will just have to keep replaying Detroit Become Human again.)

Original Post: Quantic Dream is responsible for two games that I hold in high regard with Beyond Two Souls and Detroit Become Human being two just phenomenal games. When rumors started circulating that they were working on a Star Wars title, I was ecstatic, and I must have watched this trailer a dozen times scanning every frame for details. Eclipse is the first video game or non book media that we've seen so far to take place during the High Republic era. Also, while this is a cinematic trailer, the visual detail is within capability of Quantic to be actual representation of what this game could look like. The sad part is this is in early development, and reports show they are still hiring people for the development. Industry estimates puts this game far out in the 2026+ territory, so sadly this game could be years away.

2. Mass Effect "4?" "Will Continue?" (2024+ Likely Release) NEW TEASER!

(Update Early 2024: Each year, Bioare gives us a little more of a glimpse of the upcoming Mass Effect game, and it is still proabably very far away. However, this N7 Day 2023, we got a new teaser, and a look at the games (likely) protagonist. Again, with so little known, and still so far away, in all fairness, I am not ranking it number 1 yet.)

(Update Mid 2022: I have said before that in my opinion the only game that could pull of the impossible task of dethroning Mass Effect 2 as the greatest video game of all time...could be a different Mass Effect sequel... if it is pulled off. That is the bar that I have set for Bioware. I don't want another Andromeda or Anthem. I want them to one up themselves, and create once again the greatest video game ever made. They've done it before, and if they take on this challenge of making a true Mass Effect sequel; then it is fair to ask them to do it again. Mass Effect must be equal or better than Mass Effect 2. That is no easy task, so frankly I really don't care how long it takes or if it is 100$ on the PS6 when it launches. If they take on the task of making Mass Effect "4" and they fail to deliver, they risk devaluing the original trilogy, and that is something no fan wants.)

(Update 2022: During N7 Day 2021, we got a poster update as a fun reminder that the game is still in development. With little to any chance that this game is coming any time soon, I leave it as #2 only for that reason. If I had a release window or even more information, it could be #1.)

Original Post:

I stipulate that with a teaser announcement, that doesn't even come with a project name, let alone an actual name, the untitled Mass Effect sequel has 0.000000001% chance of releasing in 2021. In fact, EA has called this "early development" which means even in ridiculous Anthem hellish development of 16 months wouldn't drop it in 2021. As well, I wouldn't want them to. I don't want them to rush this. I want this to be a well crafted, phenomenal, GOTY shoe-in. I don't want this in 2021, or even 2022. I want this to be perfect. I just couldn't think of a game I am more anticipating for. I absolutely love the Mass Effect series; it is my all time favorite series. I remember sitting there with my friend, watching the 2020 Game Awards, and when Liara wipes off the N7 Logo, standing up and cheering. It was the best moment of the night, and one of the most exciting pieces of news of the year. Knowing that a Mass Effect sequel is happening to continue the story is my dream. Words can't truly explain how excited I am for more Mass Effect.

All we know so far about Mass Effect 4? 5? Something else?, is that Liara is in it, and it takes place in the Milkyway Galaxy some unknown possible 900 year period after ME3.

Special Highlights: Indie YT Project Games + IGRU Articles

Before we get to our Top picks, we wanted to highlight stand out special games from our ever growing list of Indie Developers who are hard at work at some truly remarkable games. We didn't put them in the same ranking due to our ongoing collaboration with them. We have collaborated with these developers to get their trailers in our Indie Dev YT project, to regularly help share and talk about their games. While picking just a few was incredibly difficult, we think you'll agree these need to be on your radar! See some of the amazing partner creator games on our Youtube channel. Also Check out our most popular regular series, Indie Game Round Up with regular anticipated indie games. It drops semi-monthly with amazing indie titles, many of which are unreleased.

Special Mention: Starship Simulator

I personally cannot wait to get my hands of Starship Simulator because the promise of realistic space sim and explorer, a Microsoft Flight Simulator but for space is just a dream come true. We know the developer has been hard at work crafting a impeccably detailed ship for us to command and cruise around an unknown undiscovered universe. While open universe games are not new, I enjoy the premise of a indie developer tackling something so monumental, as well I enjoy the realistic art style they are going for.

Special Mention: AIKODE (NEW TRAILER #3)

Another indie studio that impressed us with their AAA visuals is ACE with their game AIKODE. This action cyberpunk game is our most popular trailer to date in the GiFriends Indie Dev YT project. The game looks incredible, and the little we have seen of gameplay excites us! AIKODE continues to prove to be the most anticipated and popular upcoming indie game in our IGRU and Indie Game YT project with 10's of thousands of fews.

Special Mention: Sol Diver

I personally cannot wait for this solar-punk cyber sci-fi action game. I think the developer has an ambitious and amazing vision for their game, and can't wait to see more for it. It just has a fantastic visual style and action combat.

Special Mention: LUCID

Lucid is a game we had to include in a our special GiFriends INDIE project section as Eric, Lead Creator of Matteblackstudios is a creator friend of ours who we have had multiple times on State of Gaming, and LUCID is a game we helped promote throughout it's successful Kickstarter. We can't wait for this beautiful game, and think more people need to know about this project. We want to see this succeed!

1. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (Remake Part 2)

Update Early 2024: With so many games dropping off, I had to ask what is my most anticipated game coming out in 2024? The answer was easier than I anticipated. I need to know what happens next in Final Fantasy 7. Final Fantasy 7 Remake was a GOTY runner up for us (lost to TLOU2) but that didn't make it less of a just fantastic GOTY nom experience. The sequel ranks incredibly high on my list, and the more we learn about it, the more I can't wait. I want more Tifa, Aerith, and Cloud!

Original Post: The reason we all tuned in to the Final Fantasy 7 Anniversary event. Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 has an official name, REBIRTH. Personally I would have rather "Remake Part 2" been the official name, as I don't want a confusing name to hurt this game. Learn from the Wii U dear developers! There are already google search suggestions for "is Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth a sequel to remake?" This already shows fans are confused by the name. I have seen articles from outlets confirming that "yes this is the sequel". I realize some might think VII Remake Part II is clunky...and it is; but it makes sense and it's what we have been calling it for the past two years. Hopefully the naming choice won't hurt sales. Especially with "Intergrade" and "Crisis Core" other 7 subtitles getting in the mix.

That all being said, I am ecstatic to finally get news on the next installment as FF7R was one of my favorite games in recent memory and a GOTY contender. We also know now how many games are planned in the 7 Remake series. Rebirth will be Part 2 of 3 with a third and final game being announced in the future.


Thanks for reading our Most Anticipated Games of 2024+ Article! Come back for more top lists and other end of year celebration content!

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