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Indie Game Round Up - Feb 2024

IGRU IS BACK IN 2024! We have an absolute incredible lineup of amazing games for this month! We feature several games from our recent posts on our Youtube Indie Trailer Project, as well as some Gi Plays from Steam Next Fest. These are some upcoming indie games we can't wait to get our hands on or the full release. I think we have some real top 10 list contenders in this list. For our new readers, IGRU is our ongoing series where we find and feature amazing Indie Games upcoming or recently released that you need to know about. Below are several amazing Indie Games we think need to be on your wishlist! We feature trailers, insights, gameplay, and or interviews as we highlight indie games we think you should know about.

We are NOT receiving any spiff or commission from recommending these creators unless stated otherwise. They are simply DEVELOPERS and GAMES we enjoy and recommend to our audience.

These creators have not paid for this feature and may or may not be affiliated with Game Infinite. Some creators may be GiFreinds members, but GiFriends is a free program. Content used with permission or content we own / self generated. Content is not featured in any particular order. Artist quality is our opinion, and we cannot guarantee that you will be satisfied with their work or time table if you commission them or purchase these games. Game Infinite is not responsible for these developers work and your hire/purchase/collaborate with them at your own risk.

This List is a collection, in NO PARTICULAR ORDER. This IS NOT a ranking.

1. Entity Unknown - Official Trailer

In "Entity Unknown," players navigate a dark, mysterious world plagued by the unsettling entity. As they uncover the truth behind the mystery, evade sinister creatures, and confront their deepest fears to escape the grasp of the unknown. With its eerie atmosphere and psychological narrative, "Entity Unknown" delivers a chilling experience that will keep players on the edge of their seats until the very end. We can't wait to see more of this one.

2. Abtos Covert - Official Trailer

Survival horror game set in the desolate forest of Abtos. Developed by Team Abtos and @Iphigames , Publisher @indiepump

In "Abtos Covert," players delve into the forest of Abtos Covert, shrouded in mystery and horror. With its immersive atmosphere and spine-tingling encounters, "Abtos Covert" promises a gripping journey into the depths of fear and madness. Will you uncover the truth behind Abtos Covert, or become ensnared in its sinister web forever?

3. Chasmal Fear - Official Reveal Trailer, RETURNING IGRU GiFriends DEVS Mystive Dev with their next game!

We featured and interview MystiveDev prior to the launch of the fantastic MirrorForge. They are now hard at work on their next game, Chasmal Fear. MystiveDev is a small indie studio of two brothers now working on Chasmal Fear - Bodycam Survival Horror Game! Wishlist on Steam now.

4. Biomorph - Official Trailer

We feature Biomorph a 2D Metroidvania from Lucid Dreams Studio. Lucid Dreams Studio is a Canadian indie developer that creates gorgeous and exciting 2D video games. It has an early 2024 release window. Check it out!

(Press Kit Screenshots)

5. Plushie from the Sky - Official Trailer

Fishwind is making a "wacky souls-like RPG where you fight nightmarish bosses in a world of cuddly chaos"! Coming to Steam in 2024. We got to check out this trailer with Fishwind and it intrigued us!

(Press Kit Screenshots)

6. Artifact Seeker - Game Infinite Next Fest Gameplay on Gi Plays

We play this exciting Survivors-like during the Steam Next Fest, and it quickly shot up to be one of our favorites. When this fully releases, we can easily see it being a popular entry in this emerging and popular sub-genre.

In "Artifact Seeker," players navigate a 3D world overrun by monsters. Through strategic survival tactics and combat, they scavenge for ancient artifacts while unraveling the mysteries of their existence. With its immersive 3D experience and relentless gameplay, "Artifact Seeker" offers a thrilling journey through darkness and danger.

7. Echo Point Nova - Game Infinite Next Fest Gameplay on Gi Plays

We absolutely loved our time trying out Echo Point Nova during the latest Steam next Fest, a fast paced FPS with movement as a focus. It is made by the developers of Severed Steel, a game to which we also absolutely loved putting it on our end of year top 10 lists. This game continues to evolve movement in a FPS, giving us a "indie Titanfall". Check this one out!

8. Lysfanga: The Timeshift Warrior- Game Infinite Next Fest Gameplay on Gi Plays

I wasn't initially sure if Lysfanga should be on this list, as I wasn't sure if it was technically an "indie game" I first discovered this fantastic time travel puzzle based combat game during the Steam Next Fest pre-release, and picked it up shortly after. This game is fantastic. This game falls in that grey area of smaller games that are technically independent but have larger publishers behind them, in this case publishing label Spotlight by Quantic Dream has Sand Door Studios latest game. It reminds me a bit of EA's Originals program.

This game sucked me in with its time travel mechanic that has the player use previous run clones of themselves to work together to clear a field of enemies. I would love to see more games play on this copy, and I just love the concept.

9. Xeno Runners

Players take flight in a mesmerizing indie game experience Xeno Runners that combines the thrill of flying with the adrenaline rush of skydiving. Players soar through the clouds, perform daring aerial maneuvers, and embark on exhilarating skydiving challenges. We tried Xeno Runners during Steam Next Fest, and definitely want to see where this game goes.


Thank You for reading our brand new article series "Indie Game Round Up"! It is a monthly article series where we highlight indie games in various stages of development or recently released that we are excited about. If you have a game you are working on, or know a indie dev we still need to get to, please let us know who needs to be shared next! Indie Game Roundup will return next month!

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