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Indie Game Round Up - May 2023

May is here, and let's get to know what indie games are coming up! For May we have several fun and exciting indie games to share news about with all of you.

ICYMI: Check out our special IGRU: Top 10 Indie Games of 2022 article here.

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Please Note -

(This is a news article. The games featured in this article may or may not be affiliated with and are NOT made by Game Infinite. These games and developers have no implied relationship with each other unless otherwise stated. We may have contacted these developers ahead of time. Game Infinite is sharing anticipation and excitement for upcoming, possibly unplayed, an/or unreleased games, and therefore this is not a review or recommendation based on final game quality. Final Game Release is not guaranteed. We cannot speak to final product. The final versions of these games may vary widely from their current state. We do not endorse or sponsor these games specifically. The developers whose games we are highlighting have not paid for this presentation or mention. These lists may contain games we have been supplied review copies. These lists may contain games we have backed on Kickstarter or preordered digitally. Any press kit images or links to games is owned by the developer/owners, however list may contain screenshots / gameplay we have taken ourselves. Developers may be currently or in the future, GiFriends members; however, GiFriends is a free program. GiFriends now offers a paid tier for extra promotion. If a member is a GiFriends ELITE member, they will be listed as such. Indie Games may or may not be affiliated with other Gi Partners.)

These games are listed in no particular order. This is NOT a ranking.

1. Beyond the Long Night - Gi Plays (AVAILABLE NOW!)

Release Date: Available Now

Developer: Noisy Head Games

I was so incredibly excited to play this one, because it was actually the first kickstarter release I followed and played. When we launched all of our many indie game feature series and projects, I personally invested in a small handful of kickstarters. Beyond the Long Night is the first one to release since we started all these indie game support projects such as IGRU, so it was exciting to follow them through out their development into the release of BTLN. Check out our gameplay above!

2. AIKODE - (ICYMI) #GiFriends Official Gi Trailer #2 NOW WITH GAMEPLAY

10K Views on YT! People Are EXCITED for this game!

Release Date: TBA

Developer: ACE animation

Developer Description: "Aikode (or Ai-kode) is an action role-playing game (ARPG) Hack and Slash in which players take on the role of an android from the "Order" in search of the truth about the world around her."

(Update May 2023: As of writing this, our YT Gi Channel Trailer feature for this game sits around 10k views, our biggest video yet for an indie trailer. It is CLEAR fans are eager for this game, so if you haven't seen it yet, check it out.)

(Update April 2023: We are so excited for this update on AIKODE. In our most popular Gi Trailer to date, we now get a glimpse at gameplay in this epic sci-fi adventure. If you haven't seen the new trailer, definitely check this one out. AIKODE is quickly becoming one of our IGRU audience's most anticipated games.)

(Update May 2022: We are excited to bring ACE into our GiFriends Indie Trailer YT Project! They already have our most popular trailer yet with their amazing game AIKODE. Check it out!)

AI-Kode is just an absolutely stunning 3D game that looks like a mainstream AAA title, and that is why we selected this beautiful game to spotlight in this month's promo background.. This game looks like something we would expect from a senior studio from the likes of something like a Square Enix title. The renders look impressive, and hopefully we will see more progress as time goes forward. It gives us major Platinum - Nier vibes, mixed with Cyberpunk aesthetics, and we love it. The game is slated to have a whopping 6 playable characters, with Aiko being the main. It also features varied combat with sword, gun, and scythe combat types. Ai-Kode is definitely one to watch for. Due to the scope of a game that looks like this, this one "could" be far out, but still deserves a spot on our wishlist. We will keep you apprised if we learn any updates!

(Press Kit Images)

3. Cynthia: Hidden in the Moonshadow | Gi Plays (UPDATE)

Release Date: AVAILBLE NOW!

Developer: Catthia Games

(Update May 2023: Check out Gi gameplay of this fantastic game, now that it is officially available now!)

We got to play the demo for this one during Steam Next Fest, and we have to say it was such an absolute blast that I was sad when it was over. It is a beautiful world, filled with colorful and bright art, and cool character designs. It will have a photomode in the full release which we are looking forward to taking full advantage of photographing the vistas. It is a cartoon/cellshaded style with a beautiful world filled with enemies and puzzles. It reminded me a bit if Breath of the Wild and Horizon Zero Dawn were mashed into one, and that is a winning combo.

(Press Kit Images)

4. Kagura Survivors - Gi Plays

Release Date: Available Now

Developer: Kagura Games

We got to play the "Survivors-like" Kagura Survivors, and we have to say that while it may not do enough to innovate or distinguish itself from Vampire Survivors, the game it is HEAVILY inspired by; we still enjoyed our time with it. It is free to try, and while feels and plays very similar to last years break out Gi Indie GOTY, it offered some new abilities and characters to play. Check out our gameplay above.

5. Stuffed - Official Trailer

Release Date: Available Now (Xbox later in 2023!)

Developer: Waving Bear Studio

We have not only played the truly incredible "Stuffed", but it actually made it into our Top 10 Indie Games last year. We later got the opportunity to feature the trailer in our Gi Indie Trailer project, as well help share the news that the game is coming to Xbox later this year.

The game is such a innovative and fun premise. You play as teddy bears, using house hold item style DIY weapons, fighting evil toys and nightmares in a Home Defense style gameplay protecting your child owner from their nightmares. It is so fun and well executed. This is a game that deserves some late mainstream exposure.


Thank You for reading our brand new article series "Indie Game Round Up"! It is a monthly article series where we highlight indie games in various stages of development or recently released that we are excited about. If you have a game you are working on, or know a indie dev we still need to get to, please let us know who needs to be shared next! Indie Game Roundup will return next month!

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