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Anime Obsessed? Get Ready to Splurge on the Coolest Merchandise Ever!

Several of our esteemed partners have dropped some EPIC new LOOT. As always with our partners, if you use code GAMEINFINITE you not only save money on cool nerdy and gamer loot, but you also help support our platform. Supporting these nerdy small business also helps us continue to deliver gaming news and entertainment, and continue our efforts to be the best creator support platform out there!

Check out these new items!

DUBBY - New Shirts! - 10% OFF with Code GAMEINFINITE

Experience the electrifying boost you need without the sugar crash or artificial coloring! DUBBY Energy is your go-to choice for a clean, natural energy kick. And guess what? They've just released a trendy new t-shirt featuring a cheerful smiley face or the iconic Dubby anime girl – a perfect match for your energetic lifestyle. Stay refreshed, stay stylish with DUBBY!

Otakuruma - New Stickers! - 15% OFF with Code GAMEINFINITE

Dive into the World of Sticker Waifus with Otakuruma! Otakuruma, your ultimate anime sticker haven, just unleashed an epic new collection featuring your favorite characters from Genshin Impact! Embrace the beauty and charm of your beloved characters with these exquisite stickers. Make your belongings truly your own with Otakuruma's irresistible sticker selection. Don't miss out on this otaku delight with code GAMEINFINITE for 15% OFF!

Iced Tea Aesthetics - New Shirts! - 10% OFF with Code GAMEINFINITE

Get ready to level up your anime-inspired style game with Iced Tea's latest arrivals! Iced Tea Aesthetics has just dropped an array of fresh and fabulous merch items. From trendy t-shirts to cozy long sleeves, they've got your anime fashion cravings covered. Elevate your aesthetic, embrace your passion – shop now and save 10% with code GAMEINFINITE!


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