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Sport your 2b fandom! - New Nier Automata Merch!

Are you fans of the Nier universe? We at Game Infinite are huge fans of every nerd's favorite android filled dystopian future, the Nier games. We even have a dedicated Nier Infinite Gi Channel for daily Nier cosplay, fan art, and other content! If you love 2b you should check out our GI Channel; and for a limited time, our partner Iced Tea Aesthetics just launched their brand new Nier Automata collection. Better yet, you can use our links (auto applies code GAMEINFINITE) for 10% off your entire purchase. You don't have to use the code on just Nier Automata merch, you can get anything off their site! Their A2 piece was actually showcased earlier in the year, and we and along with other fans of Iced Tea Aesthetics were clamoring for Nier themed merch, to which ITA promised was coming. Now that it is here, we can't wait! We want to invite our followers from our Nier Infinite Gi Channel to join us in our excitement for this brand new Nier collection!

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