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Everything at Summer Game Fest 2023 Showcase - Recap - #infinitesummer23

During ourGame Infinite #INFINITESUMMER23 Event we will be covering the major industry showcases as well as holding our own events. One such showcase we cover is the Summer Game Fest showcase, and it was an absolutely amazing showcase with some fun reveals and trailers and moments. Check out below! Here's the announcements.

We got trailers and updates on dozens of upcoming games with new announcements or updates on things we already knew. It was over all a very fair showcase, as I believe Summer Game Fest is seating itself nicely as the hub for the Post E3 gaming world.

(Full Presentation)

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Not knowing what this was at first, my initial reaction was surprise. I was surprised that they would open the showcase with a 2D platformer, even one as visually impressive as this one. I thought it was odd that they would pick some indie looking platforming 2D game to kick off a main showcase like this, however, when revealing that this was a new title in the long running Prince of Persia series, it made a little more sense. This is an Ubisoft game, and I give Ubisoft for finally giving us something different and new and breaking away from their formula. However, despite the pedigree of the name, and the quality of the game itself; I still don't think this game holds up as a showcase opener. That being said, I think it looks intriguing.

Mortal Kombat 1

Age Restricted Trailer Here

Mortal Kombat 1, the rebooted timeline was present during the showcase in all its brutal gory glory. Unlike the rest of the trailers present, click the above link as no thumbnail image would display for most due to its graphic settings. To be honest, I think MK1 is the game that has the weight and stopping power that is should have been the showcase opener instead of going second.

Path of Exile 2

Path of Exile 2 dropping in the same year as Diablo IV is to say in one word: BOLD. Or terrible. We shall see.

Sonic Superstars

A surprise for us all, as we JUST got a new Sonic game last year, but a all new title, but in the more traditional 2D sense was announced to satisfy long time or new fans alike.

Street Fighter 6 X Exoprimal

Fighting game fans are eating well this year with Street Fighter 6, MK1, and Tekken 8 this year. As a Soulscalibur fan, I must say I am extremely jealous. Street Fighter 6 gave us a look at an upcoming DLC expansion in partnership with Capcom's other upcoming title this year Exoprimal. Who wouldn't to play as Cyborg SF characters facing off against dinosaurs?

Baldur's Gate 3

Spider-man 2 gets a Release Date - October 20, 2023

I was pretty surprised to see Spider-man show up at Summer Game Fest's showcase as we already got a pretty extensive look during Sony's Showcase late last month. However, now we have an actual release date of October 20, 2023.

Witcher Season 3 Trailer

Such bitter sweet awkwardness. Seeing Henry Cavill most likely contractually obligated to promote a new season of a show he has already very publicly left and been replaced is just weird. No one is excited for this because the end of this show is quickly approaching. There is no Witcher without Cavill. Netflix is trying to promote this season amongst rampant fan demand to keep Cavill aboard, as no one wants this show to go through a recast.

Lies of P

Sand Land

Alan Wake 2

If you are like me and are experiencing I am pretty 87% sure this is the exact same thing we saw at Son'y presentation. Even if it's not is pretty darn close. With two showcases so close together, I found it odd they couldn't change it up a little bit or save something for the second showcase. But for Alan Wake fans, I am sure that it was worth the rewatch.

John Carpenter's Toxic Commando

This is the most 2012 trailer I've seen in a while. It is just a group of ragtag of characters in a car, hunting down massive hoards of zombies in a car or with shotguns. It is just something that seems so incredibly "done before" that honestly...I was kinda just checking my phone during this one.

Call of Duty MW2 / Warzone 2 Season 4 Trailer

Some of us were hoping for an update on the next Call of Duty coming this year, but instead we just got treated to a trailer for Season 4.

Twisted Metal

There is a scene in the original Iron Man that always sticks in my mind, and is a mental meme for me. It is shortly after Tony Stark announces he is done building weapons, a news anchor is scene shouting "A Weapons company that doesn't make WEAPONS" ect... Twisted Metal's TV show trailer first look of a TV show based on a video game about driving and vehicles was oddly...vehical absent...? This was a strange one for sure.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3

Fortnite. Jungle...ness? Optimus Prime "mini" was there. Yeah.

Nicolas Cage being Nick Cage but in Dead By Daylight...?

Probably one of the highlights of the event was Nicolas Cage being awkward and funny on stage promoting his first ever appearance in a game. I like Nicolas Cage, and I find it hilarious how he will just agree to appear in just about anything. He even said it took him only a few seconds to decide. I don't care about Dead by Daylight personally, but I like Cage and want his goofy presence in more games.

The piece de resistance of the entire event. While Summer Game Fest chose an odd choice for its showcase opener, it definitely saved the BEST FOR LAST. If there is a game to end on, it is REBIRTH. The thing that single handedly carried this whole showcase from an ok outlet to an absolute winner is the new trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. I am absolutely even more excited that I already was for this game. It looks fantastic; the entire crew is here this time. We get to see more of everyone's favorite, Tifa Lockhart. The word that it is coming early 2024 is ever better. Rebirth is EASILY one of my most anticipated games right now. I know some people may have wanted another game to show up. I know I (and IGN's preshow) was hoping for Bioware to show up. Some expected Hideo Kojima to show up (considering his relationship with Geoff Keighley) with DS2 news, especially considering he was present at Apple's WWDC off all places. In fact GIVEN his relationship with Keighley, I was surprised his WWDC announcement of Death Stranding coming to Mac, and subsequent games didn't make the show. Sure, it's not the biggest news in the gaming world, but neither was Fortnite's brief season update. It was odd that Hideo had some kind of gaming news and it wasn't at the showcase. For more Summer Game Fest coverage, including showcases coverage, and even more Indie Trailers, follow #INFINITESUMMER23 and follow us on your preferred platforms!


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