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Wandavision - Game Infinite Review (Non-Spoiler)

Wandavision is the MCU’s first new show in a long time, and the first under the new Disney+ era umbrella as opposed to the Netflix shows. It was also one that I didn’t know what to expect going in. We knew little about the show’s premise other than it was at first glance…an old sitcom? It certainly had some weird marketing and weird first few episodes. The show barely breaks it’s own immersion in the first two episodes. It appears that Wanda and Vision are trapped in some alternate world where each episode is a progressively newer era sitcom setting. This is a non-spoiler review where while I discuss elements of the story, nothing too spoiler or important.


The show really does each era justice, and It isn’t until a few episodes in that we get a look outside the curtain to find what we were growing to suspect, Wanda and Vision are trapped in some kind of anomaly engulfing a small town. The FBI agent Woo and Darcy are honestly two of the best parts of the show that aren’t the main heroes. Woo’s card trick and other moments becoming instantly meme worthy, and Darcy’s immeasurable charm makes them both two of the most likable characters in the MCU. Honestly, I would love to see a show with Woo and Darcy going on an X-files journey investigating weird happenings in the MCU.

The show does an absolutely amazing job leaving just enough mystery along the entire journey. Who is behind this? Is someone doing this? Is it actually Wanda? Is she evil now or unaware? Did she somehow breach the multiverse with THAT cameo? The show makes us question every step of the way. It is funny. It is mysterious. It is phenomenal and a must watch for every Disney+ subscriber assuming you are caught up on the MCU.

One of my favorite moments is in the finale where the Westview Vision and the White Vision meet in battle. The fight for nearly an entire episode to a draw and only stop when Westview Vision brings up a philosophical discussion. The Ship of Theseus scene is one of my favorites in the show and one of my favorites in whole MCU. It a scene where two waring AI stop to have a philosophical discussion. It is just a phenomenal scene.


Honestly my score was sitting at a solid 10 up until near the end, and I finally had to drop it to a 9 overall with the ending. They just don’t maintain the legendary status by giving us a solid ending. I took a point away because The ending really needed to be longer, or perhaps a two part. Everything just concludes really quickly. Agatha is defeated in a big CGI witch battle. I think the show completely wasted Josh Stamberg as Sword Director Tyler Hayward. Some thought he might be Ultron in disguise wanting to use Vision to come back to life. Turns out he was just a power hungry incompetent villian just like Agatha. Agatha and Hayward are both kind of dumb and incompetent villians who have one note motives, just after power for power’s sake. I also thought Monico Rambeu was completely useless. Not only does she consistently make questionable decisions, she has an awkward hero arc that seems solely hell bent to her powers. More importantly she adds nothing to the plot. If you remove her from the show the story ends the same. A rushed finale and some one note villians/heroes are my only complaints on an otherwise very entertaining and well executed show. I lookforward to seeing where Vision and Wanda end up next in the MCU.


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