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Best of 2023 Event - Recap and Winners

At the close of every year, we do our big Best Of Event, and this year was our biggest and best yet. We celebrated so many amazing cosplayers, fan artists, and games. We celebrated some of the best games of the year, announced our Top 10 Games of 2023, GOTY 2023, and hosted several community vote polls celebrating Creators. Our Gi Channels brought cosplay and fan art categories, and our Main Event categories featured dozens of creators who we had featured over the course of 2023 on social media, Creator Round Ups, Creator Interviews, State of Gaming, and more! We crown Best Cosplay 2023, Best Fan Art 2023, CREATOR OF THE YEAR 2023, and many more. Scroll down for a break down of the articles, events, polls, and winners! We want to thanks all the nominees for their participation, and congratulate the winners!

Top 5 Movies of the Year Article:

Video Game - Infinite Awards

Marvel Snap - Best Ongoing Game / Best Community Support 2023

The Creator - MOVIE OF THE YEAR 2023

Resident Evil 4 - Best Remake / Remaster of 2023

Viewfinder - GOTY 2023 / INDIE GOTY 2023

Creator Community Polls - Gi Channel Categories

As voted by our viewers and readers,

BEST MASS EFFECT COSPLAY (MIRANDA): @ezysummerscosplay / 📸 radore

BEST MASS EFFECT COSPLAY (MAIN): @veila_cosplay / 📸 @miphetis

BEST MASS EFFECT FAN ART: @starsandskiesart

BEST NIER COSPLAY: @lisa.jski / 📸 justinpinedamedia

BEST NIER FAN ART: @islay_noart

BEST TOMB RAIDER COSPLAY: @ezysummerscosplay 📸 radore



As voted by our viewers and readers, nominees collected from winners of Gi Channel categories and featured creators on Game Infinite.

BEST COSPLAY 2023: @carlaa.quinn - 📸 @gabe_grindey

BEST FAN ART 2023: @dalejomej

The race for Best Tomb Raider Fan Art was a close race between David and Roccopisani with Roccopisani taking the top vote award. Both received a nomination for Best Over All Fan Art in the Main Game Infinite round, with an upset in the open category main round going to David! This shows the importance of doing all this in phases, as it gives everyone including Gi Channel and Game Infinite non channel content creators both a chance at the top spots. Carlaa.quinn's followers and the Star Wars fans in our audience rallied to support Carlaa with Best Cosplay 2023!


We want to congratulate the amazing creators who we nominated for CREATOR OF THE YEAR 2023. These creators are talented across many many fields of content creation. From Youtube, Twitch, Fan Art, Cosplay, we have a talented line up of talented content creators worthy of your time and support. We nominated some truly talented creators who are often multifaceted, and are close collaborators of Game Infinite. In addition to fostering a supportive community, and producing their own content; Many are State of Gaming Panelists, Creator Round Up Participants, Creator Interview Participants, actively contributing to Game Infinite content. The winners of Best Cosplay 2023, Best Fan Art 2023, Best Mass Effect Art, Two Time Best Mass Effect and Tomb Raider Cosplay Winner, Best Tomb Raider Fan Art are all present. To get here, these Creators went above and beyond with Game Infinite collaborations as well as inspired both their audience AND ours with their amazing content.


We are honored to announce Brandy as Game Infinite's CREATOR OF THE YEAR 2023. Her passion, talent, and devotion to cosplay, twitch streaming, video content via TikTok and Youtube, and her participation as a Creator Interview Participant and State of Gaming Panelist spoke to her and our fans alike. She deserves this award and we are honored to be able to collaborate with her. We look forward to more collaborations with Brandy in 2024.

Most Anticipated Games of 2024 and BEYOND

We wrap up our event with a close on 2023, and a look towards the future, with our Most Anticipated Games of 2024 and Beyond...

We want to thank all of our amazing creator partners who helped bring life to our biggest Best Of Event YET! We want to congratulate all the winners. This proves you inspire and deliver creative to yours and our followers. We look forward to an amazing year in 2024, and showcasing more amazing creators and featuring more amazing game content.


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