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Creator Interview - Nico_artoooo

We are excited to feature Nick, aka @Nico_artoooo in our next Creator Interview. He is a remarkable fan artist whose talent shines in the realm of anime-style art. We have been fans and supporters of Nick for a long time. He specializes in bringing characters from games and anime to life; Nico_artoooo has an incredible knack for capturing the essence and charm of beloved characters. With each stroke of the pen or brush, they breathe new life into these familiar faces, infusing them with their unique artistic flair. Whether you're a fan of gaming or anime, Nico_artoooo's creations are a testament to their passion and dedication, making them a must-follow for anyone who appreciates the beauty of anime-inspired art. Nick has a very unique style that is instantly recognizable as a Nico piece.

Nick has had several notable interactions with Game Infinite. They are the original artist helping to design our OC Infinite Girl GI mascot. He also helped deliver several commissioned unique pieces for us including helping us with a Mass Effect 4 fan idea. Nick has participated in several Game Infinite videos as a guest. Another thing that has really resonated with our Game Infinite audience is that he has amazing content that appeals across our many Gi Channels such as Nier Infinite, Final Fantasy Infinite, Mass Effect Infinite with content across so many fandoms!

(See Special Guest Nico_artoooo most recently on Episode 1 of State of Gaming, along with some of his art)

@Nico_Artoooo Creator Interview -

Gi: Can you walk me through your creative process when working on a fan art piece? How do you capture the essence of the characters while adding your unique style?

Nico: Usually it depends on the mood I'm in at the moment, for fanarts I focus a lot on a pose that would express that character's personality, so usually it's something dynamic or very sexy. Also the facial expression helps to capture the essence of that character without any type of text.

(Nico Fan Art - Misc.)

Gi: Fan art often involves interpreting existing characters. How do you ensure that your artistic interpretation remains respectful to the original while still showcasing your personal style? Could you provide an example?

Nico: Well very recently i made a fanart of juri han from street fighter i think what helps is again the pose that tries to capture her personality and also i try to put my on flavor in the why i do the outline and the coloring, it's not very unique but it helps to make it more my own.

(Nico Final Fantasy Fan Art)

Gi: Your art style is instantly recognizable. How do you keep your style consistent across different characters and settings? Are there any challenges you've encountered in maintaining this consistency?

Nico: I use very heavy line weights with various contrasts in the line, i like doing a very specific way of coloring the eyes,the way I draw the mouth and also how I manage color. I usually do very saturated or very warm pictures.

(Nico Nier Universe Fan Art)

Gi: What is it about Waifu’s and UWU culture that appeals to you?

Nico: Well for starters I just love anime and the waifu culture is just part of it, and in all honesty it's a great way to make some income, i think waifus or husbandos are what people most remember of certain products.

Gi: What would you like to see your art grow into? Do you have any big goals where you would like to see your art go?

Nico: I think my biggest goal right now is to keep growing patreon via my artwork, i want to create a small community from it, to enjoy what I do. And ofcourse keep improving with time and effort.

(Game Infinite Commissions from Nico_artooo)

Gi: You have made several custom pieces for Game Infinite, do you have a favorite? What was involved in helping design our main Infinite Girl OC mascot?

Nico: My favorite so far has to be the Powergirl one, i just really enjoyed drawing it and the end result is really good in my opinion!

Thank you for joining us for this latest Creator Interview. Make sure to show Nick some support and follow us for more gaming and nerdy news and content across your preferred social media. Let us know other creators we should feature next time!


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