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ELYON - Game Infinite Impressions Review

I struggle to enjoy or get into MMO's. They all have similar things that I take issue with. These PC first games have some of the most cluttered UI's I ever see in games, and it so weird how sometimes this messy UI with a hundreds buttons, and a chat that takes up a 1/4 of the screen, just hides an other wise beautiful and interesting world. Finally I feel like MMO's are starting to visually look better as for a long time, they would always look a gen behind other games due to having to have so many players on at once. Now, MMO's can look as good as other genres of games, but some of these things I personally don't like still persist. These may be personal taste, and a side effect of years as a "console peasant" as some may call me. I am trying to expand my horizon and give MMO's a chance. While many continue to disappoint me, Elyon managed to capture my attention. I hadn't even heard of this game until it was recommended to me by Steam. The art and visuals looked cool, and it was free to play, so I felt there was no risk to try it out. While, many of things that annoy me about MMO's persist in Elyon, it manages to overcome them to still leave me with a remaining fun factor. One of the things that I really enjoyed was the combat. The combat actually feels responsive and real time more like an offline RPG than my experience with MMO's. I also really enjoy the art style and character design in the game. It was fun to create your own character with a fairly detailed creator. I've seen worse creators, and I've seen better.

One thing thing that brings Alyon's score down a bit is performance. I experiences a couple crashes and freezes a few times. I've had to restart the game several times, and even do a reinstall. Another thing that brings it down, while not uncommon for MMO's is something that I hate. The UI is just so cluttered. The chat takes up a quarter of the screen, and there are a 1000 on screen buttons to click on. There are only so many types of lightning attacks and inventory management that I really need in a game. I just really wish there was a way to hide the UI away so that I can enjoy the world and take better pictures. The game desperately needs a hide UI and a photo mode.

UI and Performance issues aside, the gameplay, story, animations, character models, and voice acting are all enjoyable. While ELYON is not the "best" game made this year, it is one that keeps me coming back and one that keeps the fun factor coming. Despite my 7 technical score, I recommend checking this game out as it can provide some fun and enjoyment for new MMO players.

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