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Infinite Summer 23 - Full Event

Infinite Summer 23 was our biggest event yet! We had more games this year than last year with our BIGGEST event to date. We had TWO exciting main events, three in depth developer interviews, special cosplay and fan art competitions, new content premiers, and even MORE trailers than last year. I am excited to see how this event has evolved, and want to thank our many amazing creator partners who helped bring this to life, and entrusted us with their trailers, cosplays, fanarts, and of course, their time. Additionally to our own event, we also covered the major showcases and events happening in the industry from Xbox, Summer Game Fest, and Apple.

It was a major event, so in case you missed some parts of it, here is a full event break down. Scroll down for a full break down, recap, and itinerary for Infinite Summer 23!


State of Gaming 23: Discussion Panel - #infinitesummer23 (Main Event)

We want to thank special guests Brandy, Nick, and Eric for joining us for a in depth discussion panel where we disucuss Content Creation, Best and Worst of Recent Games, Anticipated Upcoming Titles, and future projects!


We feature over SIXTEEN amazing indie games in our first EVER Game Infinite Games Showcase. It was absolutely incredible to see this project come together. This is a must watch for any indie game fan!


LUCID - Developer Interview - #infinitesummer23

We get to sit down with Eric, the Lead developer behind Metroidvania Purple Explosion game LUCID. Learn everything about here in our in-depth exclusive interview!

Kristala - Developer Interview - #infinitesummer23

Game Infinite gets to sit down with the incredible talented developers, Astral Clock Tower Studios, behind the upcoming indie dark fantasy game Kristala. See all new gameplay and learn about the development behind the game.

Witches of the New World - Developer Interview - #infinitesummer23

Game Infinite gets to sit down with the incredible talented developer behind the upcoming indie dark horror fantasy souls-like Witches of the New World. See all trailer footage and learn all about the development behind the game.

Industry Coverage

June is at the center of the gaming news world. It was once home to E3, and now in the post-E3 World, it has risen to Summer Game Fest, and other many major gaming events and showcases. The massive gaming coverage of June was actually inspired the original idea for Infinite Summer in the first place, so it is exciting to keep this "industry news core". We cover three massive ones with the Xbox Games Showcase 2023, Summer Game Fest 2023, and very surprisingly the gaming news filled WWDC23 from Apple!

GiPlays - Event Gameplay

We have a Youtube series, titled GiPlays where we post raw gameplay for mostly recent titles, to give our audience a chance to check out some amazing Indie Games and some AAA. We played four indie games that we wanted to share gameplay for during our Event. Check out these incredible games.

Idol Showdown - Gi Gameplay

Planet of Lana - Gi Gameplay

Eresys - Gi Gameplay

Farlight 84 - Gi Gameplay


Cosplay and Fan Art are at the heart of Game Infinite, and our many creator friends and partners. We held a community poll where our followers voted for their favorites! We also had several creators give us brand new premier content with new unseen photos! We also had our creator partner Nico_artoooo draw a new Mass Effect piece for our Mass Effect Infinite Gi Channel!

INFINITE SUMMER 23 Cosplay Competition - Community Poll Winners

We want to congratulate @sicophant (Legend of Zelda Cosplay) and @illyne_cosplay (Tomb Raider Fan Art) for their fantastic cosplay and art, as the community voted them as Best Cosplay and Best Fan Art.

Special Event Content Premiers

In addition to our community polls of existing content, we debut amazing NEW pieces for the event. Check out these incredible new Event Timed exclusives. These cosplayers let us debut new never before seen variants of their recent cosplays. These specific images are seen first at Infinite Summer 23. We also had our creator partner Nico_artoooo draw a brand new Mass Effect miranda Lawson piece for our Mass Effect Infinite Gi Channel! We also have a special and one of a kind custom art of our customer character in Lost Ark, a death blade assassin they drew in incredible detail by @chaosringen

New Article Series

Tomb Raider Corner *New Series* LAUNCH - @tombraiderinfinite

Our GiFriends MOD @larasglasses has kicked off their all new Tomb Raider themed discussion article series "Tomb Raider Corner" that will be featured regularly over on For our first article, we interview a developer working on a fan remake of TR Legend.

Thank You for joining us for INFINITE SUMMER 23! We look forward to seeing you all next year, when Infinite Summer RETURNS for 2024! Follow us on your favorite platforms for the latest in gaming news, content creator support, articles, and videos! You can support us financially buy checking out our Game Infinite Store! Check out one of our sponsor partners at

Watching, Liking, Commenting, and Sharing these videos and articles is a fantastic and FREE way to help support our platform and it is always greatly appreciated. Once again we want to thank the many many amazing developers and creators who brought this event to life!


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